Will 2.3 be added to already subscribed orders?

received a confirmed subscription order yesterday, saying “ your next order will include Huel version 2.2. You can read more about version 2.2 on our nutrition page.”

Why exactly would I want to receive an older version of UU when 2.3 should be a better product? Can I know if I will be getting the 2.3v please.

I had an order earlier this month, email said 2.2 but it was 2.3 original. So new formula, same flavour as before. To get the new flavour you have to change your sub.
Edit: sorry you mentioned UU, the bag of UU I had was also 2.3 :slight_smile:

Hi @Barba, this sounds like an issue with an outdated email. When we released v2.3 all current subs were updated from v2.2 Original to v2.3 Original Vanilla. Anyone that wanted New & Improved can then update their subscription through their account.

Could you screenshot the email you received so we can hunt it down and update it? Thank you!