Post a picture of your Huel cabin

What does your Huel cabin look like?

Most Huel veterans on this forum have a dedicated cabin for their Huel and I thought it would be fun to post a picture of it.

I got the idea after a saw all the photos of people on instagram that are stockpiling Huel.

So here is mine:

Currently my cabin contains:

  • Huel White Vanilla 3.0
  • Huel Black Vanilla & Chocolate :confounded:
  • Body & fit Whey powder banana, strawberry and vanilla
  • 8 different Flavour boosts
  • Matcha, Moringa, Cacao powder and instant coffee

I have two bags on top of the fridge, three bags in a box in a cupboard, flavour boosts and shakers in a different cupboard, and three boxes under my bed with however many bags.

Its hard to get it all in one photo D:

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Mine is very boring. Rather than clutter my parents’ kitchen with big bags of stuff, I keep the box of unopened bags on top of my bedroom wardrobe, and the open bags on top of kitchen cupboards.

I’m very tall so cupboard tops are prime real estate for me!


I would post a photo but my Huel is crammed into the most awkward of the 3 cupboards our tiny kitchen has.

So I have at the front with the digital scales 1 opened black and 1 opened white.

Then the rest shoved at the back, when one runs out its pot luck at to which flavour is next.

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I wonder if @DvdVgt’s initial premise is correct. Maybe most people are disorganised pigs like me!

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Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Maybe I’m the only one with Huel OCD… :see_no_evil:

I don’t have anything so pretty, sadly! It’s over three places:

  1. Unopened bags are in an under counter cupboard (to themselves, at least).
  2. I have a large glass container for ‘made up’ Huel (2 parts U&U to 1 part Original/Vanilla), kept in a cupboard with glass containers of my rice, pasta, couscous, buckwheat, bulghur, lentils, nutritional yeast, etc. etc.
  3. Flavour packs are on the other side with all my other spices, including huge bags of matcha and cinnamon.
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But that is a good system… Flavours with spices and Huel with other dry things with a long expiration date. I like it!

Three open bags where I can squeeze them into a cupboard. As for unopened, three at work and one in the boot of my car lol. Space issues :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Opened chocolate 2.3 and UU, granola, vanilla boost. Also powdered greens stuff and whey protein sachets. I also have cacao powder. Scales on counter no #scoopgate here. 4 Unopened bags are in another shelf.


My food and the dogs’ food. Two dogs, for anyone about to pounce on my apostrophe!! Hehe.


This is my warehouse

17 Huel bags in total (mostly UU) and 3 open bags (UU and Vainilla) always visible on my kitchen as my daily intake. I use vainilla just like flavour with a cuarter of a scoop bit its enough.


Unfortunately I don’t have room for a cabin however, here is a picture of all my Huel!