Post Mix Huel - Red Smudges in Mix

Hi All

Have been having Huel for 6 months now, going well and loving it.

However recently the past two orders of Original mix have had red smudges in the mix that disappear after a thorough shake.

I have a new shaker as I thought it might be something in the 6 month old shaker, and I only mix with milk - no berries or extra flavoring that would make a red smudge.

Has anyone else had this with their mix, regardless of flavor or extra additions like milk or coco powder?


It’s likely the phytonutrients. They can appear in orange or red.

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I’ve always known they’re completely normal, but I swear every time I see them, I hear “Soylent Green is people” whispered in my ear

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Hi! As Squizzle correctly said, this is the phytonutrient Lycopene. Nothing to worry about at all, it’s actually very good for your eye health :slight_smile: