Postpartum Journal

ETA: Just realised I never really introduced myself. I’m Abi, 25, a wife, mother and postgraduate student. I’ve been following the forum for a week or so now, and have been using Huel for around 1 month :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Huel for about a month now, and wanted to begin sharing my experiences using it to support my goal of healthy postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding.

I’ll admit it, the 50lbs (sigh) I gained while pregnant were mainly caused by my indulgence in second breakfast, second lunch, second dinner, and eating ALL of the desserts while pregnant (I regret nothing). Due to breastfeeding, my baby having a cows milk protein allergy (which means I can’t eat any dairy) and having a little boy who, for months, would only stop crying if I walked him around in a sling constantly, I started to lose weight after giving birth, very quickly, actually too quickly. Some weeks I was losing 3-4lb a week, I was barely making time to eat anything, and when I did eat, it would be a handful of crisps, or some oreos.

I decided to start using Huel, because I would know I (and my baby) would be getting nutritious food, with minimal prep and it’s something I can have on the go. A month in, I’m no longer having the dizzy spells, headaches or lack of energy that I was having before, and I generally feel much better for it.

Currently I’m having 1 Huel meal a day (3 scoops), for breakfast usually.


13 weeks postpartum
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145lbs
BMI: 22.7
Hips - 37”
Waist - 28”
Bum - 42”
Chest - 33.5”

A typical day of food

Breakfast- 3 scoops of huel with water

Lunch - Tuna or hummus sandwich or beans on toast (sometime some crisps too)

Snack - occasionally might have some nuts, or if I’m out I would usually get an iced coffee.

Dinner - Fish/Meat substitute with veg and couscous or pasta.

Dessert - Might have a few dairy-free biscuits if we have any in the house.

A typical day of exercise

Walking between 5-10k steps most days
General housework/cooking
Carrying/wearing an increasingly heavy baby
Breastfeeding (burns approx 300-500cals per day)

I don’t have any set goals, particularly not with weight, although I’m still 19lbs heavier than pre pregnancy. I’m currently 1 or 2 dress sizes larger than I was before pregnancy so my aim is to return to a similar size within the next 6 months or so. Ideally, I’d like to see a reduction in my waist and hip measurements, chest and bum I am happy to remain the same haha (if only that was how life worked). Also having (through being bed bound) previously lost 24lbs, and a lot of muscle weight, I’d quite like to focus on losing more fat and building more muscle.

Any tips/comments/experiences are very welcome :blush:


Good luck and keep us updated :blush:

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Congratulations on your newborn :blush: Such great news. How are you finding Huel? Great to hear you’re feeling much better for it. Keep us posted, we have a guide to fat loss here, sounds like that’s what you’re aiming for :slight_smile:

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Thank you both! :blush:

So a little update,

I did my weekly weigh-in yesterday, and have lost 1lb since last week, which is more the steady weigh loss I’m aiming for.

I think I’ll report on measurements every fortnight or perhaps once a month, as I’m not sure very much will change on a weekly basis.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster food-wise (thank goodness I had huel for breakfast, otherwise I think my intestines may seize up) we were travelling all day and had a very upset baby, so we were left with no option but to grab fast food on the go, for both lunch and dinner :nauseated_face: not feeling fab today.

I have felt rather too ill to partake in breakfast today, so I’ll be having Huel for lunch, and lots of vegetables with my dinner!

I’ll be reading up on how to use Huel to help with fat loss (Hello, mum-tum I’m talking about you!) and may adjust my Huel intake to see if that helps shift inches not just pounds.

Bye for now :wave:t3:


I’ve been looking for someone who’s a post baby Hueler, finally! Some background info on myself… Started Huel in January and felt great, I was on 2 a day plus a normal meal and had so much fun trying out new flavours. Discovered I was pregnant so stopped and I’m now 3 weeks postpartum and wanting to eventually go 100% I’m just not sure what my calorie intake should be. I’ve no idea what I weigh (don’t want to at this moment, the numbers will most likely be scary). I’m not breastfeeding (cancer stole my nipples, %*#hole) I’m not back to exercising as only 3 weeks in but try walking as much as possible plus general tidying and keeping up with a 6yr old and 3 yr old… and 3 week old who likes to be carried… a lot! So any advice on what I should start at calorie wise? I was thinking 1500?

Also congrats on your baby :smiley:

Congrats and well done with the weight loss! All the best and keep us posted :smiley: