Premium version of Huel?

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a pricier, premium version of Huel.

I often have read in this forum that lower-quality ingredients are being selected,
just for the sake of keeping the price low.

But what about people that will gladly pay more to get a Huel with organic, high-quality ingredients?
I am sure a lot of people in here would be willing so spend more just to get a higher quality meal.

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Not sure I’d be willing to pay more for placebo-Huel. You might be on your own there, bud.


Huel has a great nutritional reputation amongst the Complete Food market, there’s always space to improve sure - but it’s already quite a long way ahead of much of the competition.

@JamesCollier is the man to chip in here really, but the right ingredients are chosen based on a combination of nutrition, health benefits and price.

Anyway; being organic isn’t a sign of quality these days so much as marketing.


I think the closest I’ve seen to this on this forum is in response to requests for keto/high protein Huel - the response being that this would be more expensive because the main sources of carbohydrates in Huel are cheaper than the sources of protein/fat.

This isn’t the same as saying that low quality ingredients are used though, this is just saying that a macro profile that emphasises protein/fat and is very low carb will be more expensive.


Where did you read this? I can assure you this is not the case. As a nutrition-first company, it’s paramount that we source the best ingredients.

Huel will not be organic as - with what is currently available - I can’t be confident that we’d have a nutritionally-complete product over shelf-life. Also ‘organic’ doesn’t always been best quality.

Let me know which ingredients you have any soecific queries about.


Hi, I think my original request got misunderstood.
This post is in no way trying to discredit the current huel version - it is very far ahead of its competitors.

Here’s an example from @JamesCollier: “The only ‘viable’ alternative from a nutritonal perspective are chia seeds, but these are very expensive so the price of Huel would go up for zero benefit other than to keep a few people happy.”

Here’s another example from @Tim_Huel: “Huel is not organic simply because the price we would need to make organic Huel would be extremely restrictive. We already have potential customers put off by the price of Huel now.”

“but the right ingredients are chosen based on a combination of nutrition, health benefits and price.” - @Tristan

Yes, exactly, I’d love to see a version that ignores the price factor - and goes 100% towards quality.
Again - I’m not asking Huel to change, I’m asking for a possibility of a “premium” version.

I eat/drink 800 cal of Huel every day so I’d be very happy to pay more for a premium version that maximizes health.

The issue here is that even in the quotes you managed to find, the message seems to be Huel is already well balanced and any further upgrades would be akin to a placebo.

James literally said that there would be zero benefit other than making a few people happy

Tim was talking about why Huel is not organic - is there any particular reason why it would be objectively beneficial if it was?

And the fact that price is a factor doesn’t mean that higher price point necessarily = a higher level of health benefit

speaking of which, your idea of a premium version “maximising health” is just vague nonsense unless you’re going to suggest a particular ingredient for a particular benefit.

Sorry if this comment comes across a bit harsh, I’m not meaning to be cruel, I just think that short of cashing in on some superfood trend (goji berry and kale Huel, any takers?) or catering to specific necessary dietary requirements (e.g. veganism and allergies, both of which Huel is near perfect on already) there’s not really anything sensible that can be done to maximise the health benefits of Huel.

Unless maybe they go full on artisan and bring out “Huel with stone ground oats and hand milled pea protein powder” :stuck_out_tongue:


So Huel goes out of its way to make organic Chia seed Huel with some nice gold flakes in it. Spends thousands on reformulation, repackaging and storage. Charges 100quid a pouch… And noone buys it… Probably cos Chia seeds alter the texture and at 100 bucks… Its not worth it. You gonna buy all the stock?

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The Chia seed example is a bit of a red herring. That came from a thread where people are linking flaxseeds’ to cyanide poisoning. James said he does not agree with the information in that thread and has no intention of removing flaxseed’s from Huel. If he did, the “only viable alternative” would be Chia seeds but just because they cost more it doesn’t mean they are superior or if they would even work in the Huel formula.

To be honest, I don’t think you understand the mechanics of what you are asking. Even if Huel did go through the monumental effort to release this product, what do you think it would do to the current one? All of a sudden people would think what they buy is inferior and it would cause total confusion.

If you are not aware, there is another product called Ambronite which is a “whole plant food only” type thing and that costs (if my Sunday morning maths are correct) £23 for 1,600kcal whereas Huel costs about that for 7,000kcal. Also I’m sure Ambronite used to be organic but there is no reference to that anymore on their website.


Hi @ploschi - My comments still stand. We are using the ooptimal ingredients from every point of view including price. Chia seeds offer no nutritonal benefit over flaxseed: they’re arguamble worse as they aren’t as ‘commercial’ so have a higher risk of microbial contamination and rancidity when ground.

Organic offers no better nutrition.


Did someone mention adding red herrings to Huel. I think that’s a great way of getting more Omega 3 and vitamin d and selenium into the product. Can we have some caviar too…for added B12… And to make it feel really premium


For what it’s worth, I can arrange for you my Premium Ultra++ version of Huel. It’s just like Huel, but enhanced with my Premium Ultra++ secret process, which guarantees that you will get all of your nutrients in an optimized, healthy, Premium way, which is strictly better or as good as normal Huel.

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It’s just a shame you haven’t incorporated something which works a bit like loot crates in recent games

“For the low low price of £99 you have a 10 in 1 chance of receiving an ultra rare premium bag of Huel…”