Promixx powerful enough to mix Huel?

I’ve got a Nutri Ninja at home and usually leave a Promixx 2 in the office. Can anyone confirm if the Promixx is powerful enough to mix Huel to a smooth consistency?

Do you lose any nutrients by preparing Huel the day before, or leaving in the office fridge for a couple of days?

It’s been up for discussion before. 24 hours is the set best before.

I can’t imagine any blender being too weak to mix this,

Promixx 2.0 has a horrible tendency to break after regular use for more than a couple of months or so - it should mix Huel smoothly, but after two months at 100% it may be a lot weaker, if working at all.

From experience, the Promixx blades are a bit too thin and aren’t powerful enough to effectively mix huel. I just ended up sticking to a blender!