Protein in Huel

I was just reading the back of the packaging and read that Huel contains 295% of your daily protein and I was just wondering if this was bad in terms it being turned into fat? Can I just see what happens to this extra protein that I will not be using and if it’ll make me put on any fat/weight?

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Excess calories turn to fat, excess protein without a caloric excess doesn’t. The main problem with excess protein is kidney damage, but this doesn’t occur until daily intake is much higher than the amount in Huel.

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No doubt there is some bias in the T-Nation article but…

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"The RI for protein is 50g per day, but this only covers our very basic needs and prevents protein deficiency"

Fat and proteing do not store as fat, only sugar can store as fat in the system :slight_smile:

Alas, this is completely incorrect.

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@andeem is it? Well I stand corrected. Why have I thought this for almost 15 years and had it confirmed via different media? Can protein and fat convert and store as fat??

Every day is a school day!

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Well, fat doesn’t really need to be converted to fat since it is, well, fat.

If you’re on a calorie surplus excess protein will be metabolised to glucose and stored as fat.

In the end, it all comes down to your total calorie intake.

However: Protein does fill you up better than carbs, and it’s not as energy dense as fat, so eating lots of protein is generally beneficial for weight control. Last but not least, a high protein intake stimulates muscle protein synthesis, so if you gain weight on a protein rich diet you will gain more muscle and less fat than on a diet richer in carbs and fat.

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A high protein intake is actually even more important when you’re losing weight, to make sure most of what you lose is fat and not muscle.

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That was all my initial thinking, but I never knew protein would be metabolised to glucose, I thought it only fattened out the liver a la foie gras

Always avoid too many carbs as I don’t need them and don’t need to be storing any excess fat!

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