Protein packed Huel with a nice nutty finish

Very basic.
If you (like me) are trying to get enough grams of protein to match your bodyweight, you can add 50g of hemp protein powder to 100g of Huel. You will need to use a little extra water, but you will be left with a protein packed drink, (over 50g of protein and around 500 calories) which tastes very pleasant.
Adding powdered milk (or whole if you don’t care about the extra calories) will leave you with a creamier drink.

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That sounds interesting. Hemp is probably one of the better-tasting protein powders.

I find it to earthy…shame because I think it is a good one.

I expect you could mix it with some other protein powder to tone down the taste. Pea protein is pretty grim. I sometimes add pumpkin seed protein to my Huel.