Any tips on using HEMP PROTEIN POWDER in fuel


I’m very much an avid gym goer, looking to, as a main goal of reducing fat, with a secondary goal of maintaining muscle mass. I enjoy having fuel with a variety of other foods, blended. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on mixing HEMP PROTEIN POWDER in with the huel, to alter the balance more towards protein. Not sure what the macros should be. might need help on suggested macros.

Thanks in advance


What a shame no one answered this. I am just thinking of adding help to help make Huel shake with fewer carbs and more protein.

What benefit is adding a more protein going to achieve for the average consumer?

Short answer, there isn’t any.

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Carbs make people fat, duh!!!

Oh, wait.

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Oh yeah, I forgot… :roll_eyes::joy:

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Carbs (refined) do make fat people fatter though, as the more overweight you are the poorer your insulin sensitivity.

Carbs are good when lean and not insulin resistant, but not when your bodyfat is over what it should be.

I make three shakers of Huel every morning. I make my batch with four scoops of Huel and two scoops of Vivo Life Perform protein powder in a blender.