A lot of people here are pretty interested in nutritional topics and scientific studies. I recently stumbled upon the field of psychobiotics and thought that there may be others interested in:

This article mentions Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria as the star-bacterias :wink:. For the Huel formula they use Bacillus coagulans. What are the differences and why does Huel chose that kind of Bacillus? Does someone know? Sorry should I have missed a post or article that already answered those questions.

This is interesting, thanks for sharing @kassandra! I’d say we’re still in the very early stages of understanding how gut bacteria, let alone probiotics, can influence the brain so wouldn’t put too much behind any claims out there.

We choose Bacillus coagulans because it’s a spore former and remains active over the long shelf-life of Huel.

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Thanks, Dan! Makes sense with the long shelf-life.