Psyllium husk

Is it a good idea to add husk to Huel? Those little rice looking things to add more fibre.

Could they soak up the goodness or maybe not be effective?

Huel alone isn’t as “rough” especially if you add a lot of water.

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You want them to add a laxative to Huel? Huel already contains lots of fibre.

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Fiber doesn’t need to be visible and rough, Huel contains enough!

For me it does have to be visible and rough, I have been taking Huel for ages (every day for at least a year) and has never helped me with with regularity unless I mix it with hardly any water, then it is like drinking thick porridge. Husk isn’t a laxative.

I don’t want it to absorb the nutrients of Huel though.

There’s an interesting paper you might want to read on nutrient bioavailability and fibre over here.

Studies on dietary fiber and nutrient bioavailability have gained an increasing interest in both human and animal nutrition. Questions are increasingly being asked regarding the faith of nutrient components such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and lipids after feed formulation. The aim of this review is to evaluate the evidence with the perspective of fiber usage in feed formulation. The consumption of dietary fiber may affect the absorption of nutrients in different ways. The physicochemical factors of dietary fiber, such as fermentation, bulking ability, binding ability, viscosity and gel formation, water-holding capacity and solubility affect nutrient absorption. The dietary fiber intake influences the different methods in which nutrients are absorbed. The increase in the total fiber content of the diet may delay the glycemic response. Soluble fiber decreased blood glucose content whereas purified insoluble fiber has a little or no effect on the blood glucose levels after a meal. Dietary fiber and prebiotics influence the host animal well-being by regulating blood glucose or insulin levels, stool bulking effects, increasing the acidity of the gut, constructive synthesis of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), decreasing intestinal transit time, stimulating the growth of intestinal microbes, and increasing blood parameters. Previous studies suggest that fiber affects the bioavailability of nutrients, and maintains the host wellness. View Full-Text