Pumped to have joined the 5,000 club!

What did you receive money for?

Transfers from other accounts to pay for my Huel.

Got it, thought it was them sending you money :slight_smile:


Woah! I didn’t know this was a thing, this is amazing though. Definently increases my motivation to keep living the Hueligan lifestyle, thanks for sharing ^-^ :heart:


I love that Huel is older than your bank account!

No problem at all Lucas!


Congratulations on making it, nice touch from Huel

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Was vaguely interested in how many meals I ordered. Made a website to calculate it for you (although getting the data from Huel is a pain and takes a few minutes):

Website is available at https://huel.feud.today/. All processing is done client-side and does not get sent anywhere.

Edit: Looks like I have a few years to go before I reach 5k!


Great work @codefined :slight_smile:

Looks like some items there I’ve never bought, so haven’t filled in the correct “Meals per Item” field (e.g. Huel 100g Sample Ouch). So there might be a little inaccurate. Can update if people find any items I haven’t added yet! :smiley:

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I am sure the Huel team can give you a accurate product list but @Tim_Huel you should add @codefined code to the account page.

Once again great work!

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This is awesome, thanks for making it! Would love to see a rolling counter to the product page!

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This is excellent @codefined, and a genius way of pulling the numbers!

I had 6,311 on my UK account and it even worked for my EU account (we spent a few years in the Netherlands) where I had another 1,460!

I think you need to take off Huel Pot and Huel Hot & Savoury Pot as these are just the shakers, and also anything with Huel Bar should be 15 meals not 17.

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Great work @codefined. Quite close to being there.


However this made me realize my first orders from 2016 all the way to September 2018 are not visible on the eu.huel.com website. I reckon this is since the eu.huel.com site was not available at the beginning. Only 85 meals lost in this though so still not quite there :confused:


thanks for this. Got a lot of catching up to do :slight_smile:

Mine is 6572 meals on the EU account and 217 in the UK account (when I started with Huel back in 2017, EU customers were ordering in the UK website).

That was an average of 1618KCal of Huel per day, so I can objectively say that, since 2017, Huel has been 80% of my diet, lol.

I’m looking forward for my gold shaker :smile:


You might need to email the team about that @Vaniv because you probably should have received one already, plus there was a pre-survey sent out for t-shirt size which I guess you didn’t get…

@Vaniv, damn we’re sorry we didn’t include you, we double checked the maths and looks like you do hit the number, we will be sure to add you to the next batch! We’re doing these bundles manually so doing them in batches is the best way, but we’ll get you your gold shaker don’t worry!

But yes there does seem to be an issue with customers ordering from multiple stores which we’re looking into solving, so thanks for raising this. However, @codefined am I getting this wrong or does the website look like it’s giving scoops and shakers meals? And giving Bars an entire meal? Obviously merchandise and accessories and flavour boosts aren’t meals and Bars are only 200kcal so we count them as half a meal! Sorry if you’ve actually accounted for that and I’m wrong!


Thanks Tim! :grinning:

You’re right, now that I double checked, looks like @codefined website counts shakers, t-shirts, etc. as regular Huel meals.

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My local store has Huel ready to drink shakes on shelf, if that counts as second hand market.
It’s very nice tho, just buy one and not have to wait a few days :sweat_smile:

At the moment the logic that calculates values was mostly tuned to what I order. The table below is edittable and if you buy anything custom you can update it there!

In the mean time, I’ve set the values of the pots to 0, and the value of the Huel bars to 15. Code:

        if (item.includes('Ready-to-drink')) value = 12
        else if (item.includes('Powder')) value = 17
        else if (item.includes('Granola')) value = 7
        else if (item.includes('Black Edition')) value = 17
        else if (item.includes(' Pot')) value = 0
        else if (item.includes('Huel Bar')) value = 15
        else value = 17

Source: huel-counter/index.tsx at main · popey456963/huel-counter · GitHub