Reactive Hypoglycemia and Huel Black?

Hi there, first post,

Have been using Huel for about 2 years now as I suddenly became very shakey every 3 hours after eating with my blood sugars dropping, bad focus and in its worse case, delerium and fainting. I become hungry almost every 3 hours with no peckishness leading up to it, just the feeling of my stomach digesting itself, which is incredibly painful, and then the symptoms just mentioned begin to happen.

Huel helped a lot as I wasn’t able to manage to prepare food given how long food generally takes to make. In the time I would prepare, and due to the symptoms coming on instantly rather than gradually, my symptoms would get worse to the point I had to sit down to stop shaking and possibly fainting.

Recently, after becoming fed up of this and finding I went from 4 bags of Huel lasting 5 - 6 weeks to 4 bags lasting 3 weeks which is costing me a lot (Also seem to have either a gluten or wheat sensitivity) I decided to go to my GP, who referred me to a dietician last week. After discussing with the dietician and explaining my eating habits, she concluded I have Reactive Hypoglycemia, which after reading the symptoms, seems to be the problem.

With RH your body seems to cling onto certain carbs which, if I remember correctly, affects the production of insulin in the body.
Essentially I need slow burning carbs, which I understand Huel has.

I’m becoming very frustrated with this condition as I eat healthy as it is and have only needed to add a few low GI snacks into my routine since seeing the dietician, a week has passed following her advise and I feel no different, symptoms just as strong as before and in some cases worse.

I see Huel Black has 50% less carbs and more protein, as well as more fat, and am thinking of replacing my gluten free Huel with the Black Huel to test it out.
I think Huel has made me put on weight with my RH, so I’m a little worried about purchasing Huel Black with more fat. It may help with my RH, but if I am going to be putting more fat on, then that’s going to make my RH worse, sort of cancelling out the benefits of Black Huel.

I would like to ask the forums if there is anyone with RH that currently uses Huel, and if so what else do you incorporate into your diet?
As well as if anyone, RH or not, has anything good to say about Huel Black?

What is Black Huel’s GI index?

I have already searched the forums regarding this but only found one post from last year.

Thanks to anyone that can provide some insight

I havent seen the figure for black’s GI anywhere @JamesCollier do you have it yet?

While you wait for someone far more knowledgeable than me, you might find Huels study on the comparison of Huel V.3 to Blacks blood glucose response interesting:


It’s being tested - results due soon

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Thank you for the link, much appreciated