Reactive Hypoglycemia ...any tips?

Hi Folks - so I have reactive hypoglycemia and I am very carb sensitive. Carbs stick to me like glue and never leave :/… that said I can’t tolerate a keto type diet either as my body really struggles to convert fat to glucose which means if I go carb-less I literally can’t function … so any tips out there from fellow sufferers? I’ve got my first pack of huel (literally arrived 5 mins ago) so keen to get started. I was thinking I would try and add a tea spoon of some kind of fat to the mix (coconut oil, olive oil, peanut butter or something) . I really really want to lose weight but health is more important so thought I’d try two scoops plus fat … thoughts? Guess I could try it as is to start with and see what happens. Wish me luck people. Is it lunchtime yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Huel already has plenty good quality fats - I’m not sure you would find the need to add more.
Maybe try it as it is, to start with, and see how you get on

Thanks Christina! Unfortunately even a sweet taste can trigger a hypoglycemic response (as I am currently finding) - unfortunately artificial sweeteners can trigger sufferers as much as sugar! I did only have two scoops for lunch but (not sure if this is due to my condition or not) I have been left with a not very nice after taste and I’m hungry! An analogy that works for someone with RH is that carbs are like throwing paper on a fire, it flares up and burns bright but quick, whereas fats/protein are like coal and burn for longer. This kind of happens for everyone I know, but with RH its way more extreme! I think that the carb ratio might be too high for me without more fat but will try for a few days and see how I get on … will add some cacao to chill out the sweet taste …fingers crossed!

Peanut butter always tastes great with Huel.

There is also the low carb hacks by James (the nutritionist):

I think olive oil would give the mix a very peculiar taste, but I do not know how well it would mix. Should do OK with a blender.

Maybe something like heavy cream if not.

This may seem a bit obvious, but why not go for the unsweetened unflavoured if the sweet taste causes issues?
Scientific research seems to indicate that sucralose doesn’t cause blood sugar issues like other artificial sweeteners do, but in some cases your body can associate a sweet taste with high sugar and therefore react as if you have digested sugar even when you haven’t.

Therefore you’d be far better off going for UU Huel and flavouring it with instant coffee, cacao powder, chai tea, or powdered peanut butter.

Good luck Nicola. Hope Huel helps you :+1:

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The issue of artificial sweeteners being linked with reducing blood sugar levels is a fallacy and is not backed by science. In any case, we’ve had the glycaemic index (GI) of EU Vanilla Huel v2.3 tested and it’s low at 27.

I also have issues with RH, but it’s also linked to when I’ve been active or have exercised in relation to eating.

Huel should be tolerated fine with RH, but if there is a concern having it post activity, then just have one scoop straight away and then another 30-40 mins later.