Advice for an ex-low carber?

Hey there, new to the forum, just as new to Huel. This is going to sound a bit like some other “I’m hungry, what gives?” posts, but please bear with me - there’s some specifics to my case that I think factor in significantly. Apologies in advance for the length, helpful readers.

I’m 29, 5’5" and currently 160 lbs. I’ve never been slim (I actually weighed more in jr. high than I ever have as an adult), but when I’m eating healthfully and exercising a lot, I’m usually closer to 145-150, so I’m in this period where my clothes are getting tight, but I haven’t had to change wardrobes from weight gain and of course, don’t want to.

I’ve been excited about starting Huel because, quite frankly, I’m sick of food. I work full-time and I’m going to school half-time in order to finish prerequisites for graduate school next fall. I’m allergic to gluten, concerned about food sustainability, and share most of my evening meals at home with my boyfriend, who has high cholesterol and hypertension. Because of these factors, as well as budget, I’ve traditionally planned and cooked dinner from scratch most nights. With my schedule, the planning, shopping, and prep has become a real pain for me. I’m sick of thinking about calories, vitamins, seasonality, cooking time, dietary restrictions, personal tastes. Many days, I don’t want to eat anything (nothing sounds appealing), but am too hungry to skip dinner. Meals have become a liability and a calculation, not any source of enjoyment, so you can imagine how attractive Huel sounds while I finish up the semester.

In the past, I’ve found I’ve gotten on best with a high-fat, high-fiber lower-carb, but not keto diet (I kept net carbs between 50-75 grams most days). I ate a lot of salads with avocados front and center, zoodles with bolognese, cauli rice, and so, so many eggs. I felt great eating like this. I slimmed down quickly, had smaller portions with longer stretches between meals and never felt hungry, but the diet wasn’t environmentally friendly (it felt selfish) and required a lot of forethought, math, and kitchen time I don’t have room in my schedule for right now.

I figure because I’m used to eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables, the “gastric adjustment period” some posts warned about won’t be a big issue for me. But after my first day “Hueling,” I’m concerned that the higher carb ratio of this new type of meal might make hunger my Achilles’ heel here. To be clear: I am NOT craving anything - please don’t tell me the difference between real hunger and cravings. I don’t want to chew something or experience a flavor of any kind. A few hours ago, I wound up having 6 scoops, two hours apart for dinner, and physically, I feel like I just drank a liter of water really quickly. My stomach feels… swishy I guess? …but I’m still experiencing hunger pangs, despite drinking more calories than I usually eat in one meal.

My best guess is that the macros are the culprit. I’ve seen people say over and over that oatmeal is “one of the most satiating foods” of all, but for me personally, it’s always been the opposite. When I’ve eaten oatmeal in the morning (steel cut or instant), it feels like it’s burning a hole in my stomach - a hollow, acidic feeling that mildly nauseating. I actually feel much less hungry skipping breakfast than eating oatmeal or toast.

I didn’t consider this quirk when I ordered Huel, but I still want it to work for me. The convenience factor alone is worth it. Any ideas on how to tweak a mostly-Huel diet for someone who traditionally feels their best with a high fat, low starch diet? If there are people who have had similar experiences with favored macro splits, I’d love to hear how you’ve adjusted to Huel.


Can’t really say much besides good luck and I hope you find the solution. I understand perfectly that the conveniece Huel and other meal replacements offer is great.

There are two low-carb “hacks” that change the macronutrient split to something perhaps closer to what you are used to:

Worth checking them out.


Thanks for the resource! I didn’t consider coconut flakes. I tried mixing it with whole yogurt today, it was more satisfying (and had a really nice taste), but I probably won’t be relying on that daily. Trying a combo of Huel, my traditional “liquid lunch” of choice, and peanut butter that should hit all my goals tomorrow. If it works it’ll be my autopilot diet for the near future. Posting in case anyone else wants to try a similar strategy in the future:

2.5 scoops Huel
1.5 scoops Naturade Vegan Smart All-in-One
2 tbsp natural peanut butter (no additives, 100% peanuts. Tahini would work, too.)

Each meal is 700 calories - 33g fat, 51g protein, 45g net carbs.
Percentage targets are based on a 1400 calorie goal.