I know this has been asked to death, but will there be a low-carb option in the near future?

I would go 100% Huel if I could. (I love the stuff!) It’s just that my dinner is usually packed to the brim with carbs. I know weight loss is just about simply staying in a caloric deficit. But ideally I would like to keep the carbs down. Focus on fats/protein during the day, then get my little carb reward for dinner. Cheers!

Honestly I’d look into what else you find rewarding for dinner other than Carbs, if cutting down Carbs is your goal then just substitute for alternatives, tons of ideas online for particular foods out there.

I know there is a way off making huel lower carb by adding olive oil and stuff like that, but personally I think that option detracts from the simplistically of Huel.