Huel Black makes me sleepy

Consuming Huel Black for lunch makes me feel sleepy all afternoon. It is not the feeling of being tired but more general fatigue and inability to concentrate. I really want Huel to work so seeking advice here.

I have no prior experience with Huel. My usual eating habits used to be like this:

  • breakfast: Greek yogurt with oats, chia seeds, fruit
  • lunch: whatever is left by the family, usually some meat with pasta or rice and on occasional salad
  • afternoon snack: slice of bread
  • dinner: proper meal with meat, pasta or rice and vegetable
  • water consumption: around two litres throughout the day

With the pandemic going on, I work over the lunch period, so having something prepared in the morning helps me to get proper nutrition and not relying on leftovers :slight_smile:. I have chosen Huel Black as a lunch substitute for the lower carbohydrate content as I tend to have a lot of those in the evening.

No other eating or lifestyle habits have changed so I can only attribute the sleepiness to Huel.

I started a week ago with the recommended dose of 90g (400kcal). Within an hour of drinking, I get the fatigue that lasts until the evening. At first I thought I was not getting enough calories resulting in my body to save energy or something so I made it 135g (600kcal) from the weekend. This had no effect. I drink slowly, as long as it would take me to consume a meal.

I have no food intolerance. The exact same problem occurs after eating pho but I have not been able to correlate the problem with Huel. I have no problem with bread which rules out gluten intolerance.

I was hoping that if my body needs to adjust to a different kind of food, it would settle after one week but there has been no change during this period.

How big a portion of your diet was made up of carbs before you started having HB? If you’ve suddenly cut lots of carbs out that could definitely manifest as fatigue and lack of energy.

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Thank your for the quick response.

When I was still going to the office I prepared a low effort lunch box containing red bell pepper, eggs, cheese and vegan sausages. This is very low carbohydrates. With an apple for snack in the afternoon, the carbohydrates content is comparable to Huel Black but my protein intake was much lower. Total kcal is comparable but divided across 19% carbs, 28% protein, 48% fat, 5% fibre. So carbs is pretty much the same, but protein is a lot lower. Could that be making me sluggish?

I am paying more attention to how I feel. After a carb rich dinner today, I felt much better than the entire day despite becoming actually tired. So there is something about having more carbs.

I still have a lot of Huel Black to consume. I think a fix could be to go down to standard portion of 90g (400 kcal) again and eating 100g rice on top of that. That should make the balance similar to standard Huel.

You could trying adding oatmilk to your Black as well as blending in some carb rich fruits such as Grapefruit, Blueberries, Bananas, Peaches, Strawberries, Pineapple, Blackberries, Acai and Mango.

Confirming that adding carbohydrate has made all the difference. I will try the suggestion to add fruits as well

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Great news. That would have been super annoying if you’d not been able to figure it out.