Recyclable packaging


Why don’t you chuck some compost in the old bags and grow some veggies in them?
Also useful to carry stuff like shampoo/suntan lotion/hand cream etc. when travelling to prevent accidental leaks.
Or to put your dirty clothes in while on holidays?
Whatever - be creative!
Compared to companies like Amazon I think HUEL are very minimal with their packaging.
Guess you can’t please everyone…:roll_eyes:


Reuse is good, I’m sure we’re all familiar with homemade cakes being kept in old Quality Street and Roses tins (way, way back). Or gluts of chutney and jam in reused glass jars.

But Huel doesn’t exactly use packaging fit for reuse – and I wouldn’t expect them too either. Any reuse we can think up is only temporarily delaying it ending up in landfill.

I know the Huel team are working a number of different things, and I am really happy that Huel exists.

But my plea would be for them to be more vocal about what moves are being made on this front – who knows, maybe a future government will heavily tax or outright ban single use plastics.

@TimOfficialHuel – are there package trials happening or planned? I would happily participate in anything to help speed this along.


I like the packaging. It works very well and looks sexy.


What about tins? They are robust and widely recyclable. They are tried and tested too: Look at baby formula! (The experience of making huel already resembles that of baby formula, so we might as well… :baby:)

Downside: They are bulkier to stock, so you’d need a bigger factory. This would mean massively changing the current production line too. But if Huel is to be scaled up, maybe this is the next thing you want to look into. I look forward to seeing Huel in supermarkets!


Actually, that’s not a bad idea at all! Tins are also reusable for lots of things (storage, lanterns, stoves, growing plants, just to name a few) before you need to recycle them. Tins come in many sizes for paints and powders - there could already be one the right size. And they could also look cool with the Huel logo.


I actually store my Huel in a large resealable coffee can (commercial size holds an entire bag). It’s ideal - it keeps light out and is air-tight.
The only issue I can think of is transportation - tins / cans are heavier (significantly so when transporting thousands, but even significantly heavy enough that it might cause issues with DPD aswell for smaller local deliveries).
As well as the weight issue, cans take up space. Square ones would resolve this issue to some extent as they could be stacked more efficiently, but they still take up more space than bags.

When thinking of environmental impact, you need to consider the full picture. Although cans can be recycled, if they have a larger carbon footprint to make, fill, seal, and transport, it would cancel out any benefit of being able to recycle the end product.
I don’t know for sure that transporting cans would have a larger carbon footprint but I’m guessing it would…


et voila :slight_smile:

support by a cardboard box, who knows. just brain storming…

My God, Tony Hart has come back from the dead to haunt us!



I think we’re having two separate conversations about the same thing! See my comments on tin cans here.


Fair enough!


Try to take a plane with that eco friendly bag.