Red Blood-Like Streaks in Mixture

Lycopene? Isn’t that what they use to stop us breeding in case we get off the island?

Glad I’m not the only one to notice this though, I came on here looking for an email to ask what it was. Give us a heads up next time please Huel!

On the other hand I’ve not noticed a difference in taste at all. Still very happy with my Huel.

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I like the red streaks, they look quite funky in my opinion


Oh dear me, that really is childish. No wonder companies have to dye food just to please people like you.

Grow a pair!


And now lycopene and carrageenan… :sob:

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I feel like judging a liquid diet by its appearance is a mistake to start with… Huel is vegan, it’s ok.


They did.

“Lycopene is especially high in tomatoes and is partly responsible for their red colour (meaning that Huel may have some small slight red flecks).”


Hangs head in shame for not reading things properly! Cheers David.

Do I get some credit for the subtle Jurassic Park reference?


Then you’re drinking Huel for the wrong reasons. It’s for your health, not for you to enjoy looking at.


That’s Lysine.


Maybe Huel is like Soylent Green :laughing:

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Seen this over and over in the software development industry… we’ve nicknamed it v2 syndrome at work. Startup company has a great success with some product, and then they have to release v2 so they go all out in improving everything they can and adding whizz-bang stuff that people have suggested and they try to please their existing fan base as well as investors while trying to woo new customers and manage bank loans for expansion, and the result is just total rubbish. Success just makes them dizzy and they lose their way entirely. That initial clear goal of making it gets replaced by a need to have to please everyone, and it all falls apart.

You can see bands do it too, after an excellent debut their second or third album is usually totally rubbish. All out of ideas, yet now there’s a big demand to produce more, and torn apart by different commercial interests and directions.


I like this analogy with bands. Pretty much how things work usually. Let’s hope Huel will not be such a good example of this!

Funny thing is I’ve been using v2 with lycopene for a while and never noticed the blood streaks, but I feel slightly queasy about it when I read about it here.

I will have been vegan for 30 years next year (February-ish), and Huel being a vegan product is what drew me to it when I first read about it in an Easyjet magazine when I was flying to Portugal last September.

because they want to make it better?

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It’s also on the first time customer leaflet and on the repeat customer leaflet. Granted there is plenty of other info on the leaflets, so you are forgiven for missing it!

Other changes made that have improved Huel (and haven’t been raised for debate)

  1. Addition of Lutein and Zeaxanthin
  2. Addition of Lycopene
  3. More vitamins and minerals from natural food sources
  4. Replaced Folic Acid with L-methylfolate Calcium
  5. Optimised the Ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 Polyunsaturates
  6. Xylitol is now the Principal Carrier for our Vitamin and Mineral Blend, not maltodextrin.
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There’s an old adage “If it aint broke don’t fix it”. If we still went with that we’d still be at the beginning of the 20th Century…If it aint broke, improve it should be the new version. Fix it Adage v1.2 if you wish.

Actually more like v2.0

Isn’t L-methylfolate Calcium a prescription only drug in the UK?

No, it’s permitted under vitamin formulations and mineral substances which may be added to foods in the EU

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I saw a red streak and thought it was a red piece of plastic from one of the ingredients.

However, now that I know that it is blood from the umbilical cords of orphan babies I feel much better about those little streaks, and glug those little stem cells down secure in the knowledge that they are helping prevent a slew of diseases including acid cheese reflux, spasms of the febrile sphincter, ragworm, gif pimples and goat infestations.

Some say there is no good evidence that lycopene has any real benefits, but as the wise sage Michael Gove once said, “I think people have had enough of experts”…