Referall Rewards

Hello I have several Huel Referall Rewards, Can these be used on one order or can you only use one reward per an order?

One per order I am afraid.

How to Join Referall program ?

Login to your account or create a huel account. Click on menu Referral Program

Make sure you check out our Refer a Friend Guide here! Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Dug this one out of the grave a little… I have a £10 referral to use but cannot find a way to apply it to my subscription? Could someone point me in the right direction please :slight_smile:

Might be this?

Log in:
Scroll down to Manage:
And apply?

I am in the same place but on the desktop version of the website, can’t see the box to apply a discount code :thinking:

But the guide linked to above does say this:

For ongoing subscriptions please contact who will be happy to apply the discount to your next qualifying order.

I completely skipped past the top of the guide and missed that it seems… I’ll send them an email :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

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Managed to find the box on the webpage, must have hit somewhere different this time… Anyway, discount has now been applied :smiley:

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