Request: Huel Instant Noodles

It’s an interesting concept. It would be almost impossible to do without it containing calories though. Other people have asked for versions with less carbs (for a keto diet), some have asked for less protein as they are concerned it’s too high, and some ask for less fat or lower calories as they are dieting.
I can see the appeal of having a magic sachet of every vitamin, mineral and nutrient your body needs, while being able to obtain your calories from cake or noodles or pizza :laughing:


Or to put in the bread maker! I think the main benefit would be that it would mean you could make ‘complete [anything]’ without needing to be a nutrition expert

Well there’s Meal Squares so it can be done (alas, also US only at the moment).

I also forgot to mention earlier, Nissen have just announced nutritionally complete noodles as well, so might be coming soon to the uk

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I’d totally buy that

I can never see Huel releasing their vitamin and mineral + extra’s blend as a standalone product. Aside from the practical reasons @ChristinaT has brought up, such a product would be very dangerous in the hands of some people who would assume that because they are having their Huel branded supervitamin they can get all their macro’s from wherever they like without a care in the world and their health will be taken care of. People would start living off fried breakfasts, McDonald’s and take-aways assuming the supervitamin is taking care of everything.

Granted people can do that to some extent already by just buying a multivitamin and living off crap but I can’t see Huel wanting to be associated with this space.

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Start? People already do, and people don’t blame Boots for selling multivitamins that may or may not be taken by unhealthy people to make up for their diet.

Either way I can’t imagine Huel would want to get involved in that space. It doesn’t fit with the ethos of what they are trying to do or the products which they make.

Big Mac with huel buns?


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Not quite what you’re looking for I know, but I dial down the sweetness by mixing my Huel about 30% U&U, 70% flavored.

Eventually most foods will probably be nutritionally complete. There will come a time in the future when the idea of eating food that’s not nutritionally complete will be considered as daft as, say, communicating with friends entirely by handwritten letters.


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Have you tried Unsweetened Huel? I mix mine with Original (Vanilla) because I like a little sweetness, but to make a savory Huel you could use Unsweetened Huel and a flavour packet from your noodles to get the same taste. Shake with ha bit of cold water and stir in warm/boiled water if you want it warm to get it closer to the experience of noodle-taste. Try making a thick version and a more watery, and eat with a spoon for the food-feel. Maybe add some frozen peas or veggies to the boiling water if you want soemthing to chew on while drinking your Huel. I have so many ideas to try when I get tired of slightly sweet Huel with frozen berries :slight_smile:

Yeah I tried things along these lines, the best thing I found was to add stock powder. Strangely enough, it tasted alright, but even so was not a good experience. Which was an education for me, that something can taste nice and still be horrible to drink. My body just did not want to drink savoury porridge. :man_shrugging:

:crossed_fingers: Hopefully. Btw, if anyone was interested in the micros powder I was talking about above, I found two companies that do it:


Just to round this thread off with an answer to my own question:

It’s a recipe for a smoothie that contains everything except your calories and fat, so you can drink one of those and then get your calories from pasta or whatever

Sounds like the Huelless Huel someone else was asking for last month.

All the ingredients listed in your link do contain calories though.

Reviving this thread because I just saw a Kickstarter ad on Insta for UK based “Future Noodles” …



Hm, sure they weren’t inspired by or aware of Base Noodles and Vite Ramen.

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in so much as how they describe ‘Instant’ that would make Huel a nutritionally complete instant meal as well then?

Full quote:

Future Noodles is the WORLD’S FIRST NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE INSTANT MEAL that not only tastes great - but does good too.

You could read it as the first that tastes great, the first that gives to charity, or the first to combine those things.

But of course it’s no accident that those particular words are capitalised.