Return to 100% Huel after Diabetes diagnosis

He said in his post:

Different thyroid meds are taken at different times before or with meals. Some people are given really specific adivice about when to take them. Others like my mother were given none at all.

Best to ask your doctor what the advice for your meds and fiod is.

Re taking the Thyroid medication with Huel I agree with Error - speak to your GP.

I’ve basically failed. I got to the stage where I couldn’t face Huel any more.

I still try and avoid carbs but my weight is back up around 19st 11. I think my HBA1c Reading will be ok as I’m still high fat lo carb most of the time. The last few have been under 40

But I’ve given up on “dieting” per se as it just makes me miserable.

Okay thanks, best of luck to you. Cheers!

I know someone who’s had the same issue. Personally I start struggling to keep going when I overdo it with Huel. 100% Huel would almost certainly kill my motivation to keep having it, which is a real shame to me because god damn eating and making food is so tedious for me xD

Just an update lol. I’m back on Huel again, this time breakfast and lunch, going to limit myself this time. Huel Black this time, so no more mixing in desiccated Coconut (which makes it so much harder to drink!). I’m also on jardinance and Trulicity now for my type 2 diabetes, and my recent score was 70 on the hba1c, so preset damn awful. Now I have to inject weekly, it’s really motivating me to try and out this bad boy into remission again. Fingers crossed… 9lbs lost since the bad blood test (3 weeks) and all sugar cut from my diet…

Welcome back Adam! I was sad to hear that Huel was no longer working for you. Good luck! Which flavour Black Edition are you going with?

Hey Adam - I wanted to pop in here to see if I can help provide some general tips too! :slight_smile:

If it’s alright with you, I’d also love to learn a bit more (feel free to message me privately too, if that is better for you!). Do you have any specific carbohydrate recommendations per meal/snack and overall each day? What else are you having throughout the day and how are you preparing your Huel?

You may already be aware of these tips, but some general things to consider are spacing out your carbs throughout the day (rather than having them all at once), getting in fiber, healthy fats, and protein throughout the day, and monitoring how you feel and how your sugars are as the day progresses too.

Hi Tim and Charlotte, thanks for the encouragement.

I bought Huel Black in Coffee Caramel and Vanilla Flavours, I do the coffee one for breakfast, and vanilla with one of your flavour boosts for lunch. One of the things that killed it last time was prep time, so now I’m keeping it super simple - all made in the shaker with chilled water and 2 scoops and shake. No more machines / special milks etc to complicate my life. With it after the lunchtime one I have no carb snacks - light pork scratching and seaweed

Hey Adam!

Completely understand this. It can be so hard to prep everything and keep this momentum up over the longer term. That is one of the greatest parts about Huel (in my opinion) - it doesn’t take very much time to prep at all. You can make your Huel as easy (just add water) or as complex (blend with other things) as you’d like!

You definitely have to figure out what works best for you in terms of prepping foods and having foods that are already mostly prepped for you as well as how complex you’d like to make them. It seems you are working toward figuring this out and that is awesome!

How are you feeling now with the changes you’ve started to make? Were you given any specific instructions on how much carbohydrate to consume each day overall and per meal/snack?

I guess a combination of the new meds and my Huel use plus avoiding carbs is reducing my sugar readings, I got down to 6.0 on waking this morning, which is good.

No one has told me how much carbs to take, though I have discussed my intentions to limit it with my diabetic nurse. I’m trying to keep under 20% of my daily intake being from Carbs, and Huel Black is spot on for that goal. Generally I aim to avoid carbs all together in my evening meals, though the occasional bowl of Bran based cereal helps with fibre intake. I’m still to discover if Huel Black will present the same constipation issues I had with regular Huel last time, fingers crossed not…

This sounds delicious, which Huel flavours do you mix the Chai with? I have these exact same teabags at home right now and would love to try it out.

Wow, blast from the past lol! I used the standard Vanilla as a base for this project. These days I mainly use the flavour boosts, as I’ve opted for speed of prep and doing everything in the work kitchen, over longer home based experimenting. It was pretty nice though as I remember; may have a go again at the weekend. Good luck