Returning boxes for reuse

I wonder if there is any way that we could return our boxes so that they could be reused rather than having to put them in the recycling each time. They are good sturdy boxes and I’m sure they stand up to at least two uses. As DPD do the deliveries they could pick up the box when delivering the new order and when they have enough take them back to Huel. They could be flattened to save on space and just re taped before the next use. I know this is something veg box schemes do and Huel bags are much cleaner that veggies. Is there something major I’m missing in why this could be done?

Veg box companies generally employ their own personal delivery drivers who collect the old boxes as part of their round.
In order for DPD to collect a box, even an empty one, they would have to be paid a shipping fee - I can’t see it being logistically or financially possible whilst DPD are the courier.
I tend do a lot of online shopping so end up with a lot of empty boxes all the time. I flatten them into a pile and offer them free to collector. People are always looking for empty boxes when moving house. May not work if you don’t live in a busy city though.

I vote for regular Huel floats doing the rounds like the milkmen… :laughing:


Cardboard boxes don’t really have that much of an impact on the environment if recycled properly. Remember that moving items - even if done on a return trip - causes pollution. Sometimes this can actually cause a net negative environmental impact.

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Don’t know about your DPD but ours often trashes the box :smiley: and anyway we store our Huel in our understairs cupboard in (what’s left of) the delivery boxes so definitely wouldn’t want to have to hand them back!

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The boxes can be 're used in other ways for example packaging eBay sales in them, children’s arts and crafts projects or allowing cats to play with them.


This is not a Huel box, but my cat loves this one.



Unfortunatly, both our cats died and are now in boxes, albeit wooden ones.

My cat is 24 yrs old and still in love with boxes. I reckon she would love @hunzas ‘ box with the holes to peek out of and grab passing toes :laughing:


That would be great!

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I have reused one for storing sewing threads in.

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All Plants operate a box return scheme. Each box includes a Collect Plus label which can be attached to the box and then dropped off at any Collect Plus location. This scheme is meaningful because their packaging is relatively specialist – expensive to produce, more packaging than typical retailers, contains dry ice – and although it can be recycled at the kerbside, the environmental impact of it being shipped back is less than the environmental impact of creating new packaging.

As I understand it, Huel packaging is pretty straight forward: a simple cardboard box, so it’s likely more environmentally costly – and more financially costly – to return the boxes instead of recycling them (or reusing them yourself).


I use old Huel boxes for shipping stuff by courier. I use lots of different sized boxes, and sooner or later a Huel one is the right size.

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