Rewards points system

i got £16 ($20) off my order because of the brandbassador - which is absolutely great. if the ideas keep coming i can see it being a success as long as brandbassador keep improving.

i find rewards points also a great way of business too.

spending a certain amount like £50 = 1 reward point (£1) to add as money off to the next order.

its really a very attractive way to do it, in my opinion.

coming at it from another angle i think rewards are a big thing in life. it makes you feel good about what you are doing.

you are never rewarded for doing something wrong, put it that way.


Huel already have a version of this - it’s the 10% you save by subscribing. Given the flexibility around subscriptions this is already really generous and it’s a far better model for a product like Huel which is only really effective when used for an extended period.


Please don’t. For example, in Boots I get 4 “reward points” for every £1 spent. And then each “reward point” translates to £0.01. This is needlessly convoluted, it’s essentially equivalent to a permanent 4% discount. Which in turn is equivalent to just reducing all prices by 4%. I’d much rather have the direct price reduction - it’s simple, clean, straightforward, uncomplicated. Just like using Huel should be! So yes, I hope Huel keeps a principled approach to keep their pricing model simple and avoids the temptation to go the “reward point” route. :slight_smile:

Read this and stop shopping there :wink:

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thats a subscription discount.

but it is worthwhile.

i am grateful for huel in more than one way.

i guess thats the flip side to it.

if its a worthwhile amount then it can only be a good thing.

anyway, just sharing a suggestion in the huel forum suggestion box.