RTD in retail?

To be honest, even as I suggested it I did think it would look gimmicky af in there

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I agree and I didn’t mean to post that they were both similar outlets (apart from selling the same sort of products) but having re-read it I can see that I sort of did LOL. There’s a great little supermarket called GreenBay a few hundred metres from a Wholefoods in NE London that I’d prefer to see it in.

Yup, I agree, but I do know a lot of health conscious people do shop there when they have no other option. It’s not a a 100% bad place to be. Ideal chain location would be M&S or Waitrose.

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Lots of quackery and nonsense being pedalled in Holland and Barrett. Only stuff I buy in there is bags of flaxseed or nuts when they have their buy the second item for a penny promos.

They seem to have shelves full of supplements I’ve never even heard of, none of them seem to actually say what they are supposed to be for.

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That made me :joy:

Stuff like this:

Which when you check the ingredients is hemp extract and coconut oil with organic MCT. Which they are selling at the equivalent to £1000.00 a litre.
And what do they claim it does?
Treat yourself to a natural wellness boost by activating your very own endocannabinoid system.
Or this:

Which is apparently a hay fever treatment but is actually water. Oh and 16.1% alcohol. So I suppose if you took enough of it you’d be drunk enough not to care. But at £499.50 a litre vodka is considerably cheaper.

Quackery and nonsense. And expensive quackery and nonsense at that.

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I’m sure that’s the stuff @hunzas uses to keep his skin looking beautiful.

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I use some stuff made from snail slime that the woman on the checkout recommended. It just made me slug-ish…

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Mini Marts in motorway service and regular petrol stations would be a good option I think as they are rapidly becoming almost like downsized supermarkets as it is :slight_smile: the ubiquitous newsagents in airport departure halls also an option so you can avoid paying 15 quid for a sandwich that looks like its suffering from chronic depression.

You might want to consider looking into the possibility of trying out random pop up stores in malls, sporting events etc. to get the word out.

Nice ideas, keep 'em coming! Love the thought of Huel being in departure lounges. Maybe we can get Richard Branson on board and get them into Virgin lounges!


Richard Branson would probably buy out Huel and replace the Huel name with Virgin RTD, remember when they did Virgin cola.
Mind you would be cool on the Train seeing Huel RTD on the snacks trolley.
In leisure centres in Huel branded fridges would be cool as well.

Was just thinking the same thing @Ian42
I love Huel but the thought of RB at the helm gives me the shudders. No thanks all the same! :grimacing:

My thoughts were more of him handing them out from a trolley in the lounge than him buying Huel out!

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He’s not averse to the idea. Sadly - this isn’t Photoshopped :slight_smile:


I’ve seen worse here.

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Looks a bit like @hunzas there :crazy_face:

Only at the weekend.

How about stocking Huel in University Campus Shops.

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Got them at Selfridges. £4.49 a pop. Only had vanilla in stock though.

Interestingly I had an advert pop up on my Facebook newsfeed today from Feed.

Feed is now available in 69 Sainsbury stores in the UK, surprisingly 2 of the stores are within 20 miles of me (in opposite directions), and a couple more within 30.

I’ve not yet tried Feed, but with that many locations, plenty of people probably will be.