RTD Packaging

Which is the newer packaging? Left or right? Right has the longer expiry date so I presume that it’s this?

yes the left is the original design

Thanks. Thought so. Original looks so much better - cleaner and less cluttered, but at least the juice is the same.

For marketing purposes I think the right looks more appealing. People get the deets they want to know just from taking a glance. It definitely got me looking at it for longer and contemplating whether I should buy it or not when I saw it in M&S at the services! Is this subliminal messaging?!

Keywords (commonly used)
:point_right: Flavour, Protein, Low Sugar, Vits/Mins, Plant-based, Gluten-free :point_left:

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I really like the lower positioning of the Huel logo, always felt that the logo was unbalanced and too high up on the bottle. For those that haven’t noticed, the new design is made to be inline with our Complete Protein design, with that colour strip at the top and key features/benefits below.

@Coup I know you will hate the v1.0 being so prominent still!


I did notice but I really dislike it on the newer RTD bottles. Looks wrong!