RTD Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

Think I’ve pretty much got the hang of Huel ice creams. They were always fine if consumed straight after churning but often froze too hard when left in the freezer. Normally you should use lots of heating, sugar and heavy cream to keep ice cream softer but didn’t fancy that much so came up with own workaround using almond butter and coconut cream to maintain the texture and softness.

  1. Soak some black raisins in dark or spiced rum in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure all the raisins are covered so I found using a highball glass was ideal for this.
  2. Drain the raisins through a sieve and set them and the infused rum aside.
  3. Blend 150ml of coconut cream and 150g of almond (or any other nut you prefer) butter together on high until smooth and runny.
  4. With blender on low speed, slowly pour in half the reserved infused rum (or less if you like it milder) and one bottle of vanilla RTD until fully mixed in.
  5. Pour the mixture into your ice cream churner and start it going.
  6. When the mixture starts thickening, add the raisins progressively to ensure even distribution.
  7. Leave to complete and transfer to freezer container when finished. At this stage, I also added some drizzled layers of pure honey into the ice cream before returning to the freezer.

This recipe worked really well and made a very rich ice cream with a good rum punch. One thing to note, adding alcohol significantly alters the melting/freezing points of the mixture so you will find you need approximately 30% longer churning than usual. You could also use Chocolate RTD if you prefer instead of Vanilla.

If you do not want to use honey or sugar you can also make a simple syrup using your preferred granulated sweetener and add that to the mixture.

Final optional stage – use some bamboo skewers and a waffle cone to create some Instagram worthy ice cream aerobatics :rofl:


Love the idea! Suggestion how to make it with out the ice cream maker? :slight_smile:

there are many ways to make ice cream without an ice cream make and this page details a few of them. the benefit of using a dedicated make is of course its much less labour intensive.

I use a Cuisineart ICE100 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker - these are on the high end of the price scale as they have a commercial quality compressor-freezer built in meaning you can make multiple batches straight after each other.

there are much cheaper options that use insulated freezer bowls but you are limited to only being able to make one batch at a time as the bowl needs refreezing between uses. this takes anywhere from 16-24 hours and takes up quite a lot of room in your freezer.

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Freeze your rtd, honey and alcohol in the freezer. Thin layer. Put chunks into blender with rest of ingredients except raisins. Blend till ice cream appears, stir in raisins.

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yup - you can definitely do this kind of way for serve and eat. RTD clumps together very quickly at low temperatures so its relatively easy. if you want to keep it in the freezer and still be accessible (i.e. not like granite) thats when you have to play around with ingredients to keep it pliable even when frozen.

the thing I like about machine churning is the texture - you introduce a lot of air which increases the volume significantly and creates a more traditional ice cream texture.