Sainsbury's TV show on BBC1 now

Bloke picks up a Feed RTD? Who buys this then? No idea, maybe organic folk.

If that’s a typical Sainsbury’s punter, best keep Huel in the stock room.

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They keep it in the stock room anyway don’t they @Liath


Ssshh! Don’t tell everyone that Sainsbury’s hide my secret RTD stash in random places in their stock room so it may never be found and put out on the shelves…oh…oops :woman_facepalming:t2:

As you were, nothing to see here.

P.S. Feed was an unsuccessful “Future Food” in my local Sainsbury’s. One of the products they trial for 12 weeks and if not enough people buy it they ditch it. It was cluttering up the discounted end bays for a couple of weeks here before they shifted it all.

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Yeah, the other products featured in the programme were also dropped.

Gutted. Had no idea Feed was in stores, I’d have bought loads of that at sale prices lol.

It’s interesting, and surprising, that they failed. The Facebook ads Huel runs must be doing a lot for brand recognition and pushing sales.

Yes, I think it must have been about a year ago. I do remember seeing RTD and bars in one larger store. My local store doesn’t sell the more niche products, so no Huel…although apparently I can order it for home delivery. I think their west country warehouse is in Bristol.

I did try Feed myself, did like the spicy tomato and garden vegetables flavors but hated the chocolate rtd.
They are pretty expensive, otherwise I would have ordered again sometimes.

I think it’s partly how Sainsbury’s run with trialling new products in different stores. For the big stores they have a “Foods of the Future” bay which is part of the regular shelf display rather than a promotional/end bay. So I guess a lot of people don’t even see it.

Also it was a bit of a mixture of stuff when I saw the Feed there back in September. It had gin, cereal, chocolate, savoury biscuits, all sorts of things.

One of the key differences though is that Sainsbury’s aren’t stocking Huel as a trial product on their 12 week program apparently. It’s intended to be part of their range ongoing. No idea how well it’s selling. They did tell me they had SKU codes for Berry RTD, plus Huel bars set up on their system so they thought there was an intention to expand the range at some point.

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Let’s hope so; I think Huel bars now seem to be of a quality that the person on the street will actually like (even though many of us here even liked the very original dry old ones).

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I like my Huel bars like I like my women. Old and dry.

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I love the new huel bars but may have to cancel my subscription because I can’t stop eating them :confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The old dry ones like @Coup ‘s women, were much easier to consume in moderation.

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