Salted Caramel Combination

I’m adding fruit to my Huels so I can get more fruit and veg in.
Most of them go well with just a bag of frozen mixed berries but with SC, it was vile. I’ve tried banana this morning which I think should work. Any other suggestions for good fruit (or even veg) to mix with SC?

yeah I would have thought banana would go well and perhaps even apple, pear or peach?

Banana + Apple are my usual go to’s for Salted Caramel :raised_hands:

Pear sounds delish too, might give this a go!

I tried it with a glug of maple syrup. Pretty fantastic, but not for everyday.

Frozen black cherries go with most and i also like mango. :cherries::mango::coconut:

Cheat. Maple syrup isn’t fruit and realistically dead babies faces become pretty moreish when covered in maple syrup. Not vegan though I suppose.

Has maple flavour been suggested for a future Huel option? I think it must’ve. If not… :pray:

Dead baby flavour is more up my street

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I’ll make sure to pass this suggestion along, although the flavour profile might be too similar to Salted Caramel, but we will see!

I have a feeling the product development team won’t go for this…

It doesn’t have to be real dead babies. It’s amazing what flavour options they can come up with now.

It’s still a grim idea. Would you settle for living baby flavour?

that’s just a sickly talcum powder thing - probably same flavour notes as salted caramel.

Almost every flavour is available if you use flavour drops, which can be combined with neutral flavours.

The conversation reminded me of A.C. Clarke’s short story “The food of the gods”
Give it some time until some entrepeneur finds a way to get AI to synthesize “ambrosia plus” flavour drops!

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Dried figs are a good complement to salted caramel.

I love blending dried figs or dates into Huel but like a lot of dried fruits, it thickens it up a lot. Got round this by using a ginger and date paste instead which is meant for making tea but still tasted great.

I love SC with exotic/ tropical fruits mix and banana - so peach, melon, mango, pineapple, papaya style fruits. Costco did an exotic fruits bag with dragon fruit in it and that was absolute fire but we didn’t keep our membership.

Dragon fruit is great in smoothies and shakes, but it’s also a natural laxative and very high in soluble fibre, so be mindful of that if your adding it to the fibre already in Huel :slight_smile:

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I did not know that - seemed fine at the time. But will remain cautious. What about star fruit? As that looks similar…

they are different and star fruit is less than half the fibre of Dragon fruit. Local people where I live say its bad for your kidneys - but they say lots of things (like Durian is the best fruit in the world) so don’t know how true that is.