Fruit combos in the powder

So I like to add a handful of frozen fruit to my huel black and blending. I found a bag of “pimms mix” at the bottom of my freezer (frozen stuff to add to pimms to make it more pimmsy) and not wanting to waste it - I added it to 2 scoops of Vanilla.

I won’t be doing that again :nauseated_face:

But salted caramel with a handful of tropical fruit mix is :fire: imo.

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Haha! I do that at times to bump up my fruit and veg intake for the day.
Most fruit go well with black chocolate. I have a bag of cheap frozen mixed berries which I am working my way through but it’s as sour as hell! I have to add a couple of sweetener tabs (thankfully my wife has some) to balance it out

Which reminds me. I haven’t seen the bottom of my freezer for years. Well for quite some time anyway :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That’s your challenge - go bold and discover the bottom of your freezer, pimp up your huel with what you find and report back. :joy:

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Hmmm probably plenty of peas down there :rofl:


I might pimp mine with what I find down the back of my sofa.


No good meal has ever started with “Oh look what I found at the bottom of the freezer…


I actually love this idea as a challenge! See what works. Just wait until the chicken tenders come out though :grimacing: :nauseated_face:

@Bee please could you try the peas in your v3.0, with enough of them it might be like mushy peas?

I’m surprised that your pimms mix (cucumber too?) didn’t work in vanilla but did in salted caramel! Good to know!

I only did the pimms with vanilla

I did tropical fruit mix with the caramel which is the best thing ever. I couldn’t bring myself to taint the beautiful caramel with cucumber and orange :joy:

I did that the other day but I obviously didn’t put the stick blender down far enough (I don’t use huel shakers) and midway through drinking it I find raspberry’s and strawberries! Was weird but in a good way.

I used the summer fruits mix. It started off nice and pink and slowly turned a weird grey dark blue colour. Tasted amazing, looked awful :joy:

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Frozen black cherries with the chocolate is nice. I sometimes use frozen mango too. My real favorite is a banana in my shakes. :cherries::mango::banana:


:laughing: People are like “ew Huel looks beige” but are out there making their own (huel-free) dark grey smoothies at home! I’m glad your Huel smoothie tasted great though!

Nice! We used to have a Chocolate Cherry Flavour Boost, did you ever try it? Not trying to plug our FB, but was interested if you liked it/whether it came close to your combo!

Hi @Tim_Huel yes i did try the chocolate cherry boost and i was a fan. Any chance of it returning. :cherries::chocolate_bar:

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I second that returning!! Never had it and it sounds lush

Nice, how did it compare to your choc cherry combo? I don’t believe there are any plans for them returning, sorry about that. They’ve gone to special farm in the sky along with Pineapple & Coconut and Matcha :headstone: :point_up:

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Aw @Tim_Huel of course I new thats what you would say but was worth another try asking. I really liked the cherry boost but its so long now I cant remember to compare but anything with cherries I love. Dont remember trying the matcha though but the pineapple was nice in the vanilla. Its funny how you forget when something new comes along. :cherries:

There used to be a cherry flavour boost? Ahhhh i love cherry flavour, sad it’s not here anymore :’^)

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