You’re absolutely right, though I want to suggest an addendum more than a disagreement. I suffered quite badly with ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder), and for people like me I think there reaches a point where the conventional wisdom begins to backfire. I was showed what ‘real’ healthy food looked, felt and tasted like… and I was disgusted by it and wouldn’t go near it. My diet suffered massively as a result, and for some ARFID sufferers it’s much, much worse, with really serious health complications.

What helped me start work to get over it was getting to a point that I could feel ‘safe’ eating badly, that I could live that way without pressure or serious health risk. Once I had that feeling, it became possible to start working on introducing one new food at a time, which has added up over the years to being mostly recovered. I don’t think I would ever have got here simply from continued exposure to (and pressure to eat) stuff I couldn’t face.

So generally, you’re absolutely right and children should be introduced to a wide range of healthy food. But in edge cases, I think it’s amazingly helpful if people struggling can find really healthy ‘safe’ things to eat.

I definitely agree that’s important kids know what healthy food looks like, but I think it’s even more important for them to know what’s in healthy foods that makes them so good and what’s in unhealthy food that makes them so bad.

Just saying “veg is better than chocolate” is never going to work lol. Since I started Huel my kids understanding of nutrition has sky rocketed because we talk about what is in food far in more detail than I ever did growing up.


maybe huel could just make more food products with More nutrition , not necessarily complete . that would work too .

huel are on the ball though, probably thought of that already.

loads of brilliant ideas though.

recently ive been spoon feeding the BE powder, choc is amazing. lol

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But then that would no longer be Huel, would it? Huel is all about balanced and complete nutrition. Perhaps we should all eat pot noodles and cup-a-soup instead?


Think I was also stressing about childrens’ multivitamins at the time too… and I strangely trust Huel more than some of the choices I had for my children, I think it might be because of the transparency, among other things…
I’ll stick with normal food and a multivit for the kids and huel for me occasionally.
(Sauce would still be a bloody good idea for students though :rofl:. )

well blimey o riley…

i was responding to the issue that the sauce would have to be dense in nutrition, im jus sayin maybe you can have more than standard sauces… it would sell i think, it would be worth it i think.

That’s so interesting to hear. Like because the nutrients of Huel are so clearly laid out, it makes conversation about which of those nutrients are in which food?

We’ve certainly got plenty of ideas on what we can make nutritionally complete next! But yes, our unique point is that we’re nutritionally complete at 2000kcal. So that would be the goal with our next launches. But yeah Matt more nutrition the better right?!

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Pretty much. I’ve always tried to explain about food anyway, but having an easy list to talk through was, well, easy ha. Certainly more meaningful than the almost pointless traffic lights rubbish on packaging because they never refer to the entire thing. I mean seriously, who treats half a KitKat as one serving.

Please do either bread or noodles. Basefoods and Vite Ramen have done great, definitely a market for them.

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yeah absolutely, i for one need the energy, and i dont want problems.

Why exactly do you think it is a problem to give Huel to children? It’s healthy and nutritionally complete, and this is both for children and adults alike. Why should children need something different? They need the same micro-and macronutrients after all.

The nutritional needs of children are different to those of adults. Would you be damaging your child’s health keeping them on the same diet as you? The consequences would not be drastic - but it is crucial to provide a young body what it precisely needs. There is an article covering this here.