This was a response to a thread about granola but I got excited. Lol. Omg… huel nutritionally complete sauce like for pasta etc. (We make ‘rainbow sauce’ with all the veggies plus tomatoes, onions and garlic to hide the ‘green veg’ taste for the kids)… but a powdered nutritionally complete sauce that can be a pasta sauce or a base for curries and chillies and spag bol etc would be AWESOME! You could have one creamy base and one tomato base! Would have all the time stressed parents in the world on board! :rofl:
Thinking about it further, it would only be enriched, rather than ‘complete’ as it would be designed to be added to… but i know many many people who would use this for children if it existed. (Anything better than a jar full of sugar!)


I like your thinking here.

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My hope for Huel is that it’s nutritional density increases until a serving is small enough to swallow as a pill, but if an almost nutritionally complete sauce comes out I’d be game to neck a couple of those as a meal sans noodles.

Easy one for kids… just add a bit of powder to breakfast cereals. Works brilliantly in oats of course, and granola :wink:

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Yes… keep meaning to make huel cookies but not convinced baking huel keeps all the good bits. (Although if I cant get hold of flour anytime soon I’ll have to give it a go).

Smart idea! We would need to massively increase the nutrient density, I don’t fancy pouring 600ml of sauce on my pasta! Cool idea though.

Hmm. Lol. Although sauces are much thicker (although not that much, granted).
And I suppose ‘super enriched’, rather than ‘complete’ would help there too.
Honestly, I just want to get out of batch making the only vegetables I can reliably get my 6 year old to eat. :see_no_evil:

Huel soup then!
I make that anyway though by just using blended veg plus UU to thicken it. Yum

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