Saving money when purchasing in bulk

I’m super skint and looking for ways to cut costs. I already use the subscription option to save 10%, but I just worked out that if I buy eight bags instead of two, I save 15% more. I knew the bulk-purchase discount existed but I didn’t realise it was this significant.

This is one of those things where poor people end up paying more because they always buy the minimum. If you can manage it, I recommend stocking up on Huel and then making larger orders less frequently. I should have done this ages ago.

You can save a little more if you buy more than eight bags, but eight seems to be the sweet spot before the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

edit: here is the maths.
2 bags, £22.50 each
4 bags, £21 each, 7% saving
8 bags, £19 each, 16% saving
16 bags, £18.65 each, 17% saving


But how long do they keep? If you only eat huel for one or two small meals, eight bags last for months, maybe a year.

the bags keep for 1 year unopened

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Yeah…can’t afford that.

That’s what I thought, but now I think I have to afford it, because otherwise I’m just throwing money away. I have three Huel shakes every day, and this way will save me hundreds of pounds every year.

I got some money as a Christmas present, so I’m going to use it to buy more Huel than my normal budget allows. Once I’ve done that, I’ll set aside the money I usually spend on two-bag orders, and spend it on eight-bag orders, four times less often.


Join the army. You’ll get another discount. And maybe chance to fight in WW3


Yeah but that would probably increase my daily calorie requirement.


I was in a restaurant in Plymouth which has a big naval population (have you ever noticed the number of umbilical hernias there?), on Sunday. When we finished our meal and were presented with the bill we were actually given a 10% military discount on the food part of the bill AND free drinks. No idea why but didn’t query it.


Did you shoot a dude while you were eating?

I’d have been like HOW DARE YOU I AM A PACIFIST! on my way out.


But is it allowed to make a subscription with a delivery interval of longer than 10 weeks? I think that’s the longest interval I could pick when I made a subscription for powder recently. And for the RTD I wasn’t able to pick 10 weeks, I had to set it to 8 weeks as the maximum interval because choosing 10 weeks gave me an error (although this may be due to a bug).

Based on your math, I think I’d like to switch to 8-bag orders once every ten months or so :slightly_smiling_face: But my guess is, the 10% subscription discount is intended to encourage more frequent orders than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about an interest free Huel credit card??

Do you save more money with a large order or with the 10% subscription?

You can edit the next delivery date to whatever you like. Just make a 10 week sub then change the next delivery to 2022. Then when you need more Huel, edit the date again, to when you actually want it.

Then after the delivery, repeat as above. Just don’t forget to do it.

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Oh haha you can do both then. The discount for the large order and the 10% for subscription. Very smart!

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That would feel like cheating the company though.:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see why. You’re putting your money in their bank, earlier than if you made small orders. They like that. That’s why they have the bulk discount in the first place.

I always order at least 8 bags at a time about 16 weeks apart. I do a similar thing with the bars. Used to be 5 boxes but now they’re smaller and the BB date is longer i’ll up that and space them out more. Buying in bulk saves everybody time and hassle.

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I do 8 bags a month at £133. That includes student discount and bulk buy discount. Never get through the entire amount so end up having to postpone deliveries.

I don’t think budgeting ~£40/week for complete nutrition is that unreasonable!


I always go for the biggest discount. I order in bulk 8 bags or more and create a subscription for the discount.
Once its delivered I delete my subscription until I am ready to order again.

This is mainly because I have never finished my order in the sub time frame and its easier to delete it when I remember the sub is set up and reorder in my own time.

I really need to look into this - but will have to see how the much increased weight impacts the international shipping costs vs smaller more regular deliveries - I guess I might run foul of the customs fascists too, who will need convincing I’m not doing this as a commercial import.