Scoops.. Must have scoops

Ok so I started at the head of the year on one meal replacement and now it’s two, two portions of my favourite vegan space food.

However, I have 7 flavours (4 black, 3 white) and when my sub rolls around it will be 4 and 4 but I need scoops. Must have scoops. I have managed to acquire 5 in total but need more.

Can I just buy them? Instead of having to wait for a two month sub rotation to roll around?

Failing that, has a cleverer person than me worked out the scoop capacity? In ml or cups. How much is a scoop?

Must have scoops…….

Could you try weighing?

A scoop of v3.0 is approximately 50g, and a scoop of Black Edition is about 45g!

Otherwise, feel free to drop an email to and I’m sure we can send out a couple, no problem.

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