Selling H&S flavours in Ireland

Hi all,

I just started out with Huel a month ago, ordered several tastes to give it a good chance to find flavours I like. Unfortunately I ended up really just enjoying a couple of those, and now I’m stuck with some bags I know I will never be able to finish.

Is anyone interested in:
1 x Mexican Chilli - Unopened
1 x Mac & Cheeze - 1 portion missing
1 x Thai Green Curry - 1 portion missing
1 x Cajun Pasta - 1 portion missing
1 x Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta - 2 portions missing

Based in Galway but happy to post if you cover the postage. Please reach out if you are interested and make an offer, I hate to waste stuff!


Have you a local food bank that would take these?

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Good idea, I’m not sure. I’ll have a look around.

They don’t often take opened food