Shaking Huel in the bag

Does anybody bother to do this ? Probably not easy to do.

I put the powder in a shaker and shake it out of the bag.

I don’t quite understand the question

Do you mean add a few litres of water to a bag of Huel powder and shake it? Empty your bag of Huel, put one portion back in, add 500ml water and then shake, or something else?

Something else probably? Shaking to mix the powder back in with the main ingredients

Ah, h&s not powder then? Clear as mud was the original post

Not sure but I’ve just opened new bag of H&S and shook it up to mix it all so it just came to mind as a possibility.

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It’s a possibility but in the OP they said probably not easy to do. You can do it quite easily, I can do it quite easily and no doubt we can find someone else who can do it quite easily…

Not sure why my phone decided to put been cancelled there.

Assuming Hot and Savoury, yes, always shake as otherwise I’ll end up with too much of the solid ingredients at first and then end up with a bunch of powder towards the end of the bag.
If that’s too much work, get a really big plastic tub and decant into there. A lot easier to shake or stir with a spoon

Oh boy, I shake the pouch every day I have Hot & Savoury! Its built-in my memory cord to always do this!:rofl:

Let your freak flag fly! … :crazy_face:

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