Sick after shake


I have just began my first day on Huel, however, I have been sick after each shake I have consumed.

I started this morning with 2 scoop Banana and 1 scoop vanilla and was sick about 10 mins after.

I minimised the shake at lunch and had 1 scoop of each, however, the result was the same (sick).

Am I doing something wrong? is the combination of banana and vanilla wrong?

Advice please

I can’t see that it would be anything you are doing wrong. Sometimes people get bowel disturbance if they have too much before getting used to it - because of the high fibre. But that shouldn’t make you sick.

Do you have any food intolerances?
It’s very strange to get sick immediately after… I can only guess that you are intolerant to something in it (but it’s all ingredients you are likely to have eaten before in your life), or maybe you have a stomach bug and it’s unrelated. Maybe have something completely different for your next meal and see how you are…

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Hi there, sorry for the delay to this post going live, I realise you posted a while ago, but it was auto-flagged and I had to approve it. I imagine it was autoflagged as it was copy pasted from your post on the US forum

To reiterate Dan’s point here, you should not drink your entire 500kcal Huel meal in one go, this is likely why you are being sick afterwards. Treat it like a normal meal and have it slowly.

How long does an average person take to drink huel because I often feel nauseous after having it
Also I’m glad I’ve seen this thread now. I’ve been downing it like it’s Friday night at Wetherspoons. No wonder it doesn’t feel good.

I down mine pretty fast but I’m a right hard bastard. Within five minutes I reckon.

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I take ages to drink mine. Couple hours!!!
Unless I’ve just come out the gym, in which case it’s downed in less than 6 seconds I reckon :laughing:

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I eat everything fast. I don’t know why, it’s a bad habit and it’s a bit awkward in restaurants when I’m sitting there watching everyone else slowly finish their meals.

So anywhere from a couple of hours to 6 seconds. Thanks guys


Savour the precious moments @David don’t hurry though life. Live every moment like it’s your last and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving the things you want to achieve in life.

Insert inspirational picture here

But why waste those precious moments slowly sipping an insipid shake when I could just neck the thing and go dancing?

I do feel kinda inspired though. I imagined you posted a picture of a very small kitten struggling to get over a fence and on the other side of the fence are loads of fish and the fish can’t get away because there’s no water and the cat is really really happy. So thanks!

Now I’m thinking how the fish feel and isn’t that how we all feel? Damn it and damn you.


I reckon I’m done with mine within a minute, and I’ve never had any negative after-effects… yet

Interesting. Ive been on huel only a month now, at first it was taking me a couple of hours any quicker and I’d want to vomit. now it takes about half hour but still feeling a little nauseous but that goes quickly. A few times I’ve been in a rush and just tried to neck the whole thing but that makes me sick.

I follow the treat it as a meal thing and take some time with it but I guess it’s not that long – usually on a morning, a ‘700ml’ shake (500ml water, 100g Huel and 100g frozen fruit) sees me through watching the news for 15 minutes.

Thank you all for your input/advice.

I have had zero issues since I dropped to 2 scoops and 400ml of water (using a blender to mix also and not shaking the shaker).

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Maybe you should have peeled the banana before swallowing it.

So, uh, is it a problem if I don’t have any stomach problems like most Hueligans do? Am I doing everything right?! :neutral_face: I started with the Huel a week ago, replacing two meals a day.

I’ve never had any stomach issues and have been drinking Huel most days since March 2016.

This morning I had two 400cal shakes within an hour. First one was gone in sixty seconds. Second one took maybe five minutes.

I don’t usually do that but I was going out and didn’t want to bring anything or buy anything while I was out.

Yes. You should be in agony. Every day should be a nightmare. You should pray to the gods that they grant you the sweet release of death.

I mean no. I had stomach problems, but that’s probably because I had too much at once. Some people don’t have any problems those that do it normally goes after a while


My breakfast Huel usually takes about 5 - 10 minutes, lunch is usually a bit here and there maybe over 1 hour, evening Huel can be around 15-20 minutes. I never try and down it in one if I am in a rush maybe 2 minutes. Used to love drinking milk would down a pint of milk in one go or open a fresh 4 pint bottle and down half of it lol.