Sip slowly OR down it in one?

Ok … which are you ?
Down in one or two gulps OR sip slowly over a long time ???
And what are the benefits or either ??

My choice is;- drink it in 1 or 2 gulps …

Sip over time…advantages are it makes you feel fuller for longer IMO. If you don’t like the taste or texture. it is a disadvantage

Depends how hungry I am lol

Slowly over time. Really enjoy taking 2 scoops in a litre bottle to work in the morning. Great with 3 spoons of coffee sipped across the morning.

If I chug my Huel too quick I’m straight back in the kitchen making another… not always a bad thing I suppose!

I’ve neither the time or the inclination to sip it slowly. If I do, I might as well cook and eat food, and I do.

Mix, shake, shoot. Done in two minutes, move on.

I down it pretty quickly. I have recently got into the habit of letting my Huel sit for a few minutes before drinking it, it becomes a bit thicker.

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I always drink mine very quickly, as quickly as I can get away with. That tends to be 3 scoops of Huel and 1scoop of chocolate protein powder with water x4 a day. I’ve also got naked noodle or naked rice pots, so around 300cals extra for the end of the day and some light snacks and fruit throughout the day. I do still feel hungry but I also have a massive appetite so takes a huge amount for me to feel full.