How slowly do you drink your Huel?

Hi all,

On day 2 . Struggled on Day 1 but after adding a bannana and Ice I’m starting to enjoy!

One question, How slowly do you drink your Huel?

When you eat food they say you are supposed to eat slowly as it helps with digestion and helps you know when you have had enough etc…

Does the same principle sit with Huel?

If I have a 500 Cal Huel shake, how long should I take to drink it?


If I am in a hurry to get out of the house it can be a couple of minutes, but if I am in no hurry, and more often, around 15 minutes. If I am consuming it while working it can be around an hour. I don’t think it matters too much. 15 minutes is most usual for me I’d say. I have perfected the consistency and taste I enjoy so it is easy. If you haven’t, then necking it quickly may be the better option.

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I chug it and get it over with!

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About 15 minutes. 500ml.

I smash it down! Its bloody tasty and I find myself clock watching lunch to crack it open
Make it up when making morning coffee 7ish, two rough scoops + 300ml tap water for breakfast and three rough scoops + 500ml tap water for lunch (always naked vanilla)
Breakfast is in the car, lunch is usually at a desk; consistency is slightly thicker and at ambient temp by then
Toddler play/bath/bed etc, then dinner is whatever the other half made or whatever is about, plus few beers or bottle or two of wine; with a run every other night at 9ish
I huel mon-fri Breakfast and Lunch religiously because I genuinely enjoy it, it simplifies my schedule
Weekends / date nights / client events are whatever and usually boozy
I don’t overthink my Huel, but I’d miss it if it wasn’t there…
Before huel eating was all over, regularly no breakfast, endless coffee till 3ish when the hunger rage kicked in and anything quick close was then consumed


I just get it down - usually in 3-4 goes within 30-60 seconds


It’s not a race, James :laughing:


I use a straw and it takes me ages sucking away at a super thick shake. Maybe I should use a spoon !!

Wow, you guys are fast.
It took me 3 hours to drink my breakfast today. It usually takes me a few minutes to feel full after taking a sip so I just wait and sip when I’m hungry again.

For myself, it depends on the time of day. I work three shifts (and have 4 Huel shakes a day) so on my early shift, I will drink one before I start my shift (so done in around 1-2 minutes without issue) with no issues to be fair, I love the taste of Huel. When awake from nights and afternoons I will throw one down me with ease. When on breaks at work I drink a Huel shake within 5 minutes. After work and when I’m home I will almost sip them and make them last around half an hour. The thicker the better (my NutriNinja that has a brilliantly powerful motor makes it thick with 20 seconds of blending) and in the mornings I add coffee = bliss. So in a nutshell, before work, it goes down fast, during work, slightly slower, and when I’m at home, I enjoy taking my time.

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Cheers guys. I’m a slow drinker myself and I think it helps me feel fuller anyway!

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It is filling! I usually have approximately 7 scoops for lunch (1000 kcal). This is consumed in 2 meals at about the time my belly rumbles, as long as this is after 12, this takes about 10 mins. I will then have another at about 3-4pm. However, when I add flavour this all happens a lot faster and I get the empty cup sadness I used to only associate with my coffee mug…

I’ve tried drinking it quickly and that just doesn’t seem to work for me. Ages ago when I first started I found that even if I drank so much Huel that my stomach felt like it was going to burst, 3 hours later I would be craving some more.

I seem to need at least 2,000 calories plus an evening meal, but if I chug down 500 calories of Huel in one go, there’s no way that keeps me satisfied for a quarter of my Huel-drinking day time. About 90 minutes or so later I feel like I need some more.

Whereas, if I drink Huel slowly I find the opposite happens and I’m sometimes in danger of not consuming enough.

And it’s not just a hunger thing or even a psychological thing, it’s about energy levels too. If I graze on Huel, I feel constantly satisfied and have constant energy. But if I chug down 500 cals in one go, it’s like I get a bit of a high and then a crash. I tried it on Saturday morning and midday, and I felt quite lethargic and dissatisfied about 90-120 minutes afterwards. Then later on in the day I went back to grazing on it and felt brilliant again.

I even remember the very end of last summer when I first started on Huel. The first bike ride I did on Huel I downed some a while before going out (probably an hour or so, but I can’t remember exactly). By the time I got back I was almost fainting. Next time I went out, I took a bottle with me and stopped to have a mouthful every 20 or 30 minutes. Constant energy the whole time. Felt great.

Different things work for different people I guess.