Cant eat it quickly enough

Hi new user and having trouble eating/drinking quickly enough. A breakfast meal portion seems to take me too long for the usual breakfast time-frame. Any body have similar issue? Have i made the mixture too thick as i struggle getting it down me in a speedy manor. Or do i need to readjust how long it should take me to eat Huel.

Normally a sandwich would take me about 5 or 6 minutes to eat, Huel takes me roughly 10-15 minutes to drink 500ml.

500ml is a lot of liquid to drink in one sitting.

It depends on consistency for me. If it’s too thick it takes ages to pour into my mouth. If it’s soup consistency it takes me a couple of minutes to drink 500ml - 3 scoops.

A lot of people drink their Huel over a couple of hours. Is there anything in particular that would make this a problem? There’s nothing that means you have to drink very quickly!

It depends on your job. I don’t personally have a job where I can sit there drinking Huel for an hour or so.

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I’ve been sitting at a desk for too long, that didn’t even cross my mind :confounded:

Hadn’t realised how long everyone takes to drink it, I down it in seconds, did feel like I did it a bit too quick today though

Same - I can neck it (in a matter of seconds) without issue, thick or thin, with 300ml of liquid or 600ml plus. Just depends on mood or time availability.

I do tend to slow it down when it’s my last of the day - maybe 10-15 mins max.

I have never spread it beyond that sort of timescale.

I make my ‘breakfast’ huel in a shaker and drink some at home, some in the car to work, then add more water when I get to work and down the last bit. Sometimes I leave some for when I have my morning break (about 3 hours later). I put it in the fridge if I can but if I’m out and about it just gets left in the glove compartment and I’ll have it room temp :slight_smile:

I found trying to drink the lot in one go made me too full and hungry again too soon.

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I make it quite watery so it’s easier to drink quickly. If it’s thick it takes me ages.