Drinking Huel too fast

Hi Guys, new to Huel, and loving it. Does anyone have the issue of drinking Huel too fast, and the you feel like you might burst? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey BikeBike, welcome to Huel, and the community! Really glad you’re loving it!

It’s a filling and nutritious meal, so downing it will definitely make you feel excessively full.
When I first started drinking it years ago, it was primarily for breakfast and my time in the mornings could be short so I’d often drink it fairly quickly (and because it’s damn tasty). But, you can take your time when drinking Huel, there’s no rush! If you do drink it too quick and you get a bit full, it’s no different to swallowing an entire plate of food quickly.

These days I just drink it at a decent pace. It is definitely quicker than eating a meal, but I take more time than downing the whole thing really quickly. My fiancee and I also often have it for lunch but whizz it up with the powder, water, banana, and some frozen berries, makes for a treat of a lunch for the two of us. But definitely with all the extra stuff in it, that’s a lot of food, so learned to drink at a sensible speed!

I’m doing this just now. Just made a Huel black banana and downed most of it in a couple of minutes. This post has reminded me to stop and pause for a bit :joy:

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Which flavour is it you’re downing?! I get it with Salted Caramel, just can’t get enough! But yeah, just put it down between mouthfuls, perhaps slightly out of sight so you don’t just neck it!

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Easily done.

I try and drink mine over the course of an hour, not only to avoid exploding, but to allow time for nutrition absorption - otherwise you are just creating expensive wee :smiley:

It’s a complete meal not a tequila slammer.