How long does it take

How long Does it take you to drink your huel?.

Do you chug it or make it last?. Seeing it’s a meal replacement I think it’s best to take your time.

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I usually take a couple of mins at most. I just had one and chugged it in seconds but if I’ve put it in the fridge overnight it probably takes a couple of mins, maybe I should eater it slower. I like the quickness of it.

Seeing as it is food, I think it doesn’t matter so much. If people are used to eating fast, then drink your Huel quickly. If people are used to eating slower, then make your Huel last.

I drink my breakfast and lunch at work so tend to take my time to drink it, I do find that the slower I drink it the fuller I am for longer. My evening drink tends to go down a lot quicker and I use the time it takes to drink to start making the next days drinks.

Mine is gone within 20 seconds usually, I’d imagine less than 10 sometimes.


I actually find it hard to drink Huel fast - it makes me feel sick and heartburn-y if I do.

I usually take 1-1.5 hours to slowly drink it over breakfast and 20-30 min in the evening for dinner.


About 10-15 minutes per pint of shake for me

less than a minute for sure

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I’m at my desk so take my time, but if you are out and about then it’s best to get it down you. I find it keeps be fuller the slower I have it. @ibid I imagine that is the same when you try to drink water too fast! @pookey love the Huel enthusiasm! When I add flavour it’s gone in a minute and I’m like “damn that was good”.

I’m in the hour plus category, seems to stop me getting hungry again better than if I neck it quickly.

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It depends a lot for me.

I find the first 75% of the Huel disappears in like 1 minute, and then the rest can go on for hours… When it has been an hour+ the Huel is no longer ice cold as I like it, and I find myself struggling with it.

I have considered having smaller portions, but I am notorious for needing to leave food. I don’t know why, I have to leave something on my plate. Call me sick, but I cannot eat that last bit of my burger or whatever is for dinner. When I shrink my portions it still happens. :scream_cat: I feel sick if I just try to stuff it in me, so for my Huel I just take however long I need.

10-15 minutes. Chugging it won’t keep me fuller for longer. I’m not too sure why I’d want to chug 500ml of liquid anyway.

10mins or more wheni first started, but I can throw one back in 2mins now without feeling bloated or like a brick in my stomach

You might not want to. But a lot of people like the convenience of being able to prepare and consume a meal in 3 minutes.

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