How should Huel be consumed?

When I first got in to using Huel, I would take my time finishing my shake. It would take me 10-30 minutes, and now I switched things up so that I just chug a shake (3 scoops) in under 60 seconds.

Is consuming Huel that fast bad?

My daily driver for breakfast is 200g in a 900ml shaker. Never had a problem chugging it within a minute.

Can’t decide if I’m worried for your gullet/you’d choke and die, or am very curious to see how you’d fare in drinking games


I still drink it in about 20 minutes. Not because I couldn’t go faster, but because I like to take it slow. It helps me avoid other cravings while I watch Netflix or Youtube. So I sit there on the sofa at the end of the working day, happy to rest, start an episode an slowly sip my shake. :slight_smile:

I’ve said I could do faster, but certainly not in 60 seconds, due to my reflux. If I’d try, I would probably spit it out like a very bad vomit-powered supervillain :smiley:

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10 second pint of milk anyone? :grin:

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I agree with @danosavi drinking it slow helps me fill more satisfied with the meal and fuller afterwards.
If you don’t care about that go and try to beat yourself everyday, maybe you’ll be able to go sub 5s.


I guess I’m okay then. I’m not using Huel to lose weight or to avoid meal cravings, but rather to ensure I am getting enough calories in.

I guess it depends what you define as “bad” then. The body takes 20min thereabouts to register fullness, so logically you’d be able to get more calories in if chugging Huel in 60 seconds.

Shouldn’t be bad if you don’t have reflux or end up Hurling* it all back up!

*for the first time, not a typo on this forum

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There might be a way to plug a compressed air cartridge into the shaker to reduce the feeding time to 1 second or less… :thinking:

… or maybe if you add hot water to the shake, invert the shaker and open it into your mouth… … assuming that you manage to find an adequate volume and temperature of water to avoid burns and explosions, either in the shaker or your body… :exploding_head:

(I hope no one thinks to try this. But if someone does… TAKE A VIDEO!)