Drinking Huel Fast - Is it bad for you?

I down my drinks in probably about a 1 minute or less which means my lunch routine can be as fast as 5 minutes. Is it bad for my health to be consuming such as large mass in my body so fast?

I’ve read that it takes about 20 mins for the brain to register that it’s full which means you can over eat if you eat fast. This is not the case because I’m having 3 scoops only. Portion control.

Chewing supposedly releases enzymes to help with digestion but seeing as I’m downing it, no enzymes from my mouth will be made.

If the my food is in liquid format which I’m consuming surely this will help with digestion because its already been broken down and digestion will be easier? If I DONT produce mouth enzymes to help with digestion, can that be a problem?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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I have no professional knowledge and could well be very wrong about this, but from experience you should be fine as long as you’re not feeling ill afterwards. I used to be a challenge eater, which involves consuming mountains of food very very quickly, and I never had a problem. I also learned how to drink a 500ml bottle of water in less than 3 seconds, and I did feel ill after I did a 1.5 litre challenge so I forced myself to throw up.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/user/MegatoadStonie if you want to see what it’s like to reach stomach wrenching capacity (he has yet to do a huel challenge :frowning: but a man can dream)

Meh, my morning shake is now:

4 scoops
200ml whole milk
30g almond butter
One scoop whey
1 x banana
Top up water (900ml bottle)

I chug this in around a minute, it’s tasty as hell. Never felt ill to be honest.

Year and a half of three-five bottles a day, all taken in a minute or less.

It’s fine, and it’s hardly a lot of mass. Most of it’s water anyway.

GTIPuG, how long does that last you before you need to eat again?