Skinny bloke 47 - Looking to gain weight quickly


Looking for advice on how a 47 year old male can gain weight quickly.

Current weight: 63kg
Height: 5ft 11"
Target weight: 90kg
Time Frame: ASAP

I am using the Huel Black along with Protein Bars.

Any helpful advice very welcome.

Thank you.

Depending on what your body usually processes easily (meaning you’ll be hungry again in shorter time frames), you could swap from BE to White, I’d suggest giving a try both and seeing which one keeps you satiated for longer.
Blend the powder, and add coconut oil, peanut butter, seeds, nuts, etc. This will increase the calories in the shake by quite a lot with just a few scoops.

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve only just started using Huel BE so may as well continue with it for the moment and see how it goes. I am eating the protein bars as well and they contain nuts but i understand what you are saying.

Do you know if its a good idea to mix BE with milk or is this not a good idea?

Thank you, I appreciate your advice.

It is! Makes it creamier and thicker! I usually do 1-2 shots of espresso, half quantity of milk and remaining water :slight_smile:

to top up on Luca’s advice - you’ll also find a large section on how to gain weight in the guides and articles section of the main site.

Welcome to the Huel team! Eating more and embarking some resistance training program will put you in good stead. Ensure you are focussing not just on quantity but also quality. Having just a narrow range of high calorie foods won’t set you up for success, presuming you want to gain mostly fat free mass. Ensure it’s good nutrient dense stuff (Huel will help!)