Smoothies, Whats Yours?

Considering how popular Huel is, I dont see many recipes for smoothies. Im 59, but quite a small fella so I can`t use the recommended amounts Huel say but I will give you my example to get the ball rolling.
40g of Huel powder black edition, 1 tbs of tumeric, 30g brazil nuts, 30g pumpkin seeds, 80g mango chunks, 150ml almond milk and 100ml of water.
If you look at the ingredients, they are designed for testosterone manufacture. Due to a recent blood test for another issue, these ingredients sent this level up quite high, with the help of Huel, of course.
The possibilities are endless so do you have an idea for a smoothie that perhaps we can all try?

I would be careful about recommending specific foods and amounts of foods for increasing testosterone. Beyond having a well rounded diet, vitamins and minerals, enough calories, not too much protein etc, food won’t do much.

The NHS page covers the range of issues that can cause issues, and ways to treat it.

Hey Chris, unless you have an underlying medical condition I’m struggling to see how those ingredients could raise your testosterone that much. Dietary changes tend to have a small effect (if any) on testosterone levels.

There is limited data on how to increase testosterone levels “naturally”, but compounds that have been suggested are zinc (if there is a deficiency), palmetto, ginger and ashwaganda:

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Avoiding phytoestrogens, compounds that have an estrogen like effect on the body should also be considered. Foods very rich in them are for example soy, legumes, flaxseed etc.

On the other hand a relevant amount of external estrogens comes from xeno-estrogens in cosmetics and similar stuff. So maybe just use natural products with as few ingredients as possible.

And avoid stress, try to have good sleep etc.

There are lots of foods that will increase testosterone if there is a deficiency, along with (non-extreme) exercise, sleep, stress etc.

As for specific foods, some studies will say they raise testosterone, others will say they lower it. You certainly wouldn’t find any that will raise testosterone reliably by a certain amount, as I guarantee the NHS would prefer recommending that over testosterone replacement therapy.

To be honest, you wouldn’t really want a specific food to raise testosterone past what you would get living a healthy lifestyle, as you will just get into the side effects people deal with when raising testosterone. I. E. You would need other drugs to combat everything from hair thinning, gynocomastia, estrogen levels going crazy, etc if it was too much. And there are people who would abuse it.
And you would need to monitor how much that food was raising your testosterone with monthly blood tests, as you wouldn’t want them to raise your testosterone by the wrong amount, you would need it to be consistent over time, even when other lifestyle factors change. You wouldn’t want it to be not be enough, or be too much. Low and high testosterone both come with side effects.

Too much testosterone leads to increased hair loss, that’s true. Just as almost all androgens; for women this can become a relevant problem. But I can imagine that this is also unwanted by most men…

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