Huel and flaxseed

Bit of background, 47 yr old male use huel shake and hot and savoury regularly. I carry out bodyweight strength and mobility training 5 days a week. One of the things I’ve been mindful of is naturally trying to improve testosterone levels due to age.
Something I’ve read is that flaxseed has a detrimental affect on testosterone and wondered what thoughts were on this?

If you put the word testosterone in the search box (magnifying glass) you will have enough reading material to keep you busy all Sunday.


I have no idea about the effects of flax seed but isn’t the natural reduction of testosterone in older men something to enjoy and welcome? I always thought testosterone was the cause of all manner of ills.

Hey Jeremy, has John has said this has come up before. In short it’s not an issue.

You can read a bit more detail here.

There are some upsides, but also a lot of downsides (flaxseed won’t do anything though).