*SOLD OUT* There’s a mystery product on our website right now, can you find it?

Could be like mystery meat, all the left overs mixed together to create spuel.


UK people, please let us know when you receive your mystery product :smile: I’m curious :sweat_smile:


Having received mine today: sadly not, because I love the name ‘spuel’.

well - one recipient revealed all on instagram so the secrets out :rofl:

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:thinking: Mmmm… Interesting Mystery product in my order.

Mystery product received. I will update once tried. :slight_smile:

:banana: RTD tasted very nice. Not too strong or too sweet. I’ll definitely purchase in the future. :+1:

I got the mystery product today and I’m very happy! When it launches, I think I may actually add some to my subscription. :slight_smile:

Sorry Huel, but I don’t go for all this hype. I’m happy to wait in ignorance until you decide to unveil whatever it is.

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I actually love how all you guys who know are not saying just in case you give away the surprise! That is so considerate. The cat is out the bag though, people are talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, we’re launching a long awaited Banana Ready-to-drink :banana: and it’s happening very soon!

But I too love a surprise, so the rest of you can stay in suspense until…

I love that you’ve added Banana (am I going to see it in Sainsbury’s soon?) but I’m with @Bee: whilst I totally get building hype over a new product like H&S it just seems way overkill for this.

But it seems like it’s working with people though, so what do I know lol, shrugs

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I LOVED the new product and will definitely be ordering in future. I was happy as I was presuming it would be a sample of a new flavour so I guess some people’s expectations were a little higher…

So I know what it is now and yes, I will doubtless try it at some point. Still don’t get all the secrecy though.

It was just a bit of fun really and pretty clear what it was (the bright yellow box and then a picture of an RTD bottle on your order confirmation) but I was really hoping it was going to be Black RTD to be honest :smile: Banana was always going to be a thing though, as globally its the most popular flavour purchased in flavoured ‘milk’ drinks.

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I love BE banana flavour so am sure banana RTD will be equally delicious.

Looking forward to getting my hands on some. I can see this becoming part of my regular RTD order in future.


I think you just underestimate how excited we all are at HQ about Banana RTD launch! :laughing: And also how excited people have been about Banana RTD, every time we post something about a flavour launch or RTD we get comments asking when we’re doing Banana RTD.

I mean, just posting on here the day we launch it and telling you what we launched - where’s the fun in that?! :banana:

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Don’t get me wrong @Tim_Huel I do love banana flavouring and I’m sure it’s really nice. I suppose it’s just that we may get excited about different things and act in different ways :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Gutted I missed it. When is it getting full release? I was going to order more RTD but think I’ll hold off.

I haven’t even been able to try it yet - Huel sent shipment notification to FedEx the same day as ordered and so Fedex scheduled the delivery for today but… being the waste of space that they are, Fedex haven’t even been to pick up the parcel from the fulfilment centre yet - even though the tracking is still showing its scheduled to be delivered by 4pm today. its now 10.20pm :rofl:

Haha! I actually won in the Facebook competition which I entered after being too late on the mystery product here. Lots of people on Facebook guessing that it would be Huel Porridge.

I better hope I like it after making all this fuss…:joy: