Some lovely examples of the great British diet here

I’m pretty sure Huel would come under the category of ‘ultra processed’ but rather a good example.

I’m not sure about that, throwing some oats, seeds and multivitamins together isn’t that much processing compared to a lot of things out there.

But then again, I didn’t see anything on that list that I eat for anything more than a treat.

Looking at definitions of ultra processed I think Huel fits but I’m no expert.

In most cases that’s a bad thing, in Huel’s case assuming it contains what it says on the packet and it actually gets into your system then I have no problem with it.

The problem is that the term ultra processed has become synonymous for poorly nutritious. I guess this is because a lot of processing implies optimising some aspect of the food through the scientific process.

Since this requires significant resources in our society this typically implies corporate scale & consequently culture. As that is motivated by profit that is what those products are optimised for. Huel optimises with far different goals; this is both clearly stated by Huel & apparent from observing their conduct & using their product.

I thought Huel was the opposite of ultra-processed?

This gives a useful commentary on Huel’s processing:

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