Soylent halts sales of its powder as customers keep getting sick

Is “allowed”, a kind of short-hand for “two related posts summarily closed down and all future mention of the competing brand, encouraged to cease and desist”? ;¬)

no, that’s the ‘not alowed’ category

Ah! I see now. I mistook @HuelZero’s use of “this article” as referring to the [0] link to “Schmuel” ;¬)

It probably depends on how it is likely to effect Huel sales. We’ve been allowed to talk about Soylent because Soylent is not available in the UK. We seemed to also be able to talk about Joylent bars because they were soon to release a Huel bar which looked like it was going to be better anyway.

The problem with the new MyProtein shake was that someone kept saying that it was exactly the same as Huel but cheaper, which is not true.